gold matte flap $1750.00

  1. I just bought a gold matte classic flap for $1750.00 ( the NM advertised price) however just as the catalog was coming out the price increased effected the bag and its now $2150.00. My SA pulled some strings and was able to sell the bag to me at the advertised price of $1750.00. If anyone wants one, PM me for her information!

    its a gorgeous bag. A few of the members here have the bag already!
  2. That's great that you could get the advertised price. Congrats, the gold matte flap is such a beauty.
  3. OMG, I want one soooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!! :tender: :girlsigh:
  4. Nice buy! Can you post pics of you wearing it?
  5. I saw the pics of PFers wearing the matte gold medium flap and they are so gorgeous! I want one too. Is the US$1750 for the medium flap? I wonder if NM will ship overseas.

    cisforcoco, I tried to PM you, but I can't for some reason. Maybe cos I'm a new member. Will you pls PM me the contact details of your SA who sold you the bag for US$1750? Thanks so much!!

    I was wondering whether the matte gold flap would be larger than the small 255 metallic dark silver flap I have. But when I compared the measurements of the medium lambskin flap and the 255 size metallic reissue posted somewhere on this forum, the sizes seem similar. Does anyone know?
  6. I would sell my left arm for one..hehehe!!
  7. you are so lucky!!! i want pre-increase price for all my future bags.
  8. Nice! Can you show some pics???
  9. can't wait to see pics.
  10. im so broke and want one so bad
  11. Thanks to everyone who PM'd. But, I spoke to my SA this morning and she is saying she has to locate these bags first and has to "pull favors" to get them out of other locations ex. trade bags with other stores etc. So its not that easy for her and they are already sparse. I was only able to help out one tpf member with the gold flap and she should be getting hers next week. I am sorry to everyone else, but the SA already had to get approval from her manager to do this and she seemed hesistant so I dont want to push her into a corner or get her in trouble. If she is able to get more I will get back to the people who Pmd me. Sorry!
  12. ^^very thoughtful of you.....:heart: