Gold LV lock

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  1. hi guys,

    i've asked to my SA while i was doing my xmas shopping in paris and she answered me "no" but i try my luck again ...

    Is it possible to buy a LV gold lock alone ?

  2. what do you mean? did you ask for a lock? did you buy a bag? *confused*
  3. i think that he's asking if you can just buy the lock and nothing else? :shrugs:
  4. You can buy replacement locks separately..they're about $25 US.
  5. they come with keys though, just an fyi.. since they're numbered differently
  6. just the lock, i want to hang it on the zipper pull of my bag.
  7. Yes, you can buy them separately. Just say you lost your original lock. You might even get one for free if you have a well-established relationship with the SA :yes: I think I was buying a Keepall and I mentioned to my SA that the lock on my Mini HL was tarnishing, so he tossed in 3-4 extra locks into my shopping bag :heart:

  8. wow! that's great to hear..incredible...when I got my replacement speedy, the SA confirmed that i still had my original lock. cheap thing! lol
  9. ^ yeah i asked for a couple extra sets once, and my SA just gave me like 5 sets. lol. i'm like.. okay then! haha.
  10. Wow, 25$US? Of course because it's NOT "gold", it's just polished brass. Try finding some on ebay? They sell those LV and Chanel shopping bags on ebay-very useless-but try your luck there?
  11. ^ lol i sold my lv shopping bags/boxes on ebay.. people bought them for sure! omg that reminds me, i once gave one of my girlfriends an LV goodie, (this was a while ago), and the SA didnt give me an extra bag, so i bought one on ebay.. and it was from a seller by night, but by day he was a sargent police officer! LOL! i was soooo scared cuz we agreed to meet up to exchange the bag/money.. and it felt so weird. LOL.
  12. Yes I think you can buy them separately. Just say you lost your original lock... LOL
  13. yup sure :smile:
  14. not so easy, i've asked to 2 store and the reply was not in both place.
    If someone wants to sell and extra set (lock and key) ... i'm your man !

  15. maybe they're simply out of stock?