Gold luxe bowler??

  1. what does everyone think of a gold luxe bowler? can u use it as an everyday bag?
  2. I would :p
  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!
    Love it!
    That bag is TDF!
  4. i would i love it
  5. wouldn't it be tooooo much?? too eye catching and kinda catching all the attention?? including robber?? :p
  6. The gold color had some problems last year I think. . . have you located one?
    It's not an everyday bag in that color IMO.
  7. It's a stunning bag, and I love it! Problem is, it was carried once by my mom, and already shows a bit of rubbing on the edges and handles!! :sad: I don't know if I should bring it to Chanel, or what... I heard it had those problems when I first joined tpf, but it was a while after having purchased the bowler. IMO, it's a dressy, casual bag (because of its size), that should be used infrequently (because of the rubbing/wear issues).

  8. ohhh I love it, always it the bright gold? Is there a way to treat it so it doesnt rub? i hear the above PFer about a robber, but yanno? a woman who was the best friend of a friend of mine, was carjacked here (in "safe" Boca Raton) and murdered two weeks ago, and she was carrying a, one never knows what will tip off a maniac, robber, murderer, still so sad for this girl, my friend, the family, etc. This really threw me............
  9. I have heard of it rubbing too..:sad: i think the bowler is a good everyday bag though.. maybe you could consider some other colors?
  10. where on earth did you find find one Bonsai? Its really pretty but it rubs off..
  11. I had a gold bowler from last summer and returned it 6 months later because of the rubbing problem. At first I was worried that they wouldn't take it back but the store manager said there isn't a time limit for returns on it since there was a defect in that line.

    I only carried the bag for 2 or 3 weeks straight. I made it an everyday bag. I did have to "dress up" for the bag, since it was so flashy. I loved the size since I carry quite a bit of stuff. But the rubbing problem made me stop carrying at once! The problem got so bad most of my friends even noticed it when it was on me.
    It was not until the nice ladies from tpf told me about the recall that I knew I could bring it in.
    Maybe you can get one the other darker gold colors made of deerskin? I hear there aren't any problems with those (plus not as flashy)
  12. it was my friend who wants to sell it so I'm thinking about it. but the gold is not something that i would normally wear...
  13. 'it was my friend who wants to sell it so I'm thinking about it. but the gold is not something that i would normally wear...'

    Bonsai - if you don't want it, then please let me know - I am desperate for the gold bowler!!
  14. Although I LOVE the luxe bowler (would love to own one in every color!!!:nuts:), I wouldn't use the gold one as an every day bag. JMHO.
  15. I love this bag, I had one - I used it for a couple of months and then returned it because of the rubbing, it was just too noticeable.