Gold Les Marias Flap--what do y'all think of the versatility and wearability

  1. of this bag? I have Saks gift cards to buy it, but I don't have any other metallic bags--not sure if I would wear it. Is this a good year-round bag, or should I wait for springy colors?

    Current Chanels: black baby cabas, black jumbo flap, navy patent jumbo flap, brown outdoor ligne hobo and bordeaux diamond shine flap.
  2. I know that are other Chanel ladies who really like this bag, but I personally don't care for the metallic gold leather in the Les Marias line. The metallic gold color is very pretty, but something about the leather turns me off, it seems and feels plasticky. SA told me it's some kind of treatment they put on that particular bag. I would wait for the spring colors.
  3. I have this bag, and I think it's one of most used flaps. The leather is lightweight, also it's a much softer construction than the other flap bags, making is easier to carry (it's won't feel hard under your arm). I like the feel of the leather, and the color too. Mine is gold, so it's like a gold overlay. The bag DOES have a distressed look to it, so if you are not into that, don't get it. The HW is silver, but not a bright shiny silver, it's a dull silver, but it somehow really goes with this bag. I guess I really love it because to me it's casual, light weight, and the gold is not so gold looking, it easily lends itself to silver. But it does have an overall distressed look to it.

    Here's mine>



    The inside is a quilted satin fabric, and if you look to the left side of my first picture, you'll see the distressing. It's like theres black under the gold color. I don't think it get's more distressed because it looks exactly the same as when I first bought it.
  4. i personally love it, esp in the larger size. if i didn't already have the Leo bag i would have bought this one (they have same distressed leather).
  5. if you aren't 100% sure you'll love it I'd suggest you wait for the spring met colours!
  6. I have this bag, and love it as it is easy to wear and great to take to places which you may not want to take your more delicate, lambskin bags. It looks great with gold or silver jewellery, and I find it a trendier bag than some of my other flaps. I have taken it to parties and to a Kaiser Chiefs concert recently and had no worries as it is seems very durable. I love the distressed look and I think it's a great metallic bag to add to your collection.
  7. I think this bag is gorgeous and the gold is an everday wearable gold. But if you're not 100% sure and in love with it, I would wait for something else that makes your heart flutter!!
  8. I love it, and i think you can wear it with almost anything, I just got the larger size..