Gold Kooba Devin!

  1. I realize that many of you will find this bag too loud and too bright, but I LOVE it! It really adds interest to spring outfits, especially navy and white. Oh, and it compliments the fall and winter tones of browns and black. I bought it with a coupon code from Bluefy, and it was VERY affordable!

  2. It is loud, but it's absolutely adorable! I'm happy that you love it and got a great deal for it! :high fives:
  3. I thought the devin was the balloon style hobo with bow like the elisha and bonnie?
  4. I love it! I've been looking at this for a while, glad a fellow TPFer scored it! Will you post pics carrying it? I'd like to get see how it looks on.
  5. Well, now I'm confused, too. The Kooba site has the style with the tie on it that looks like Elisha. But Bluefly identifies the bag I bought as "Devin". :shrugs:
  6. congrats!
  7. It's cute! Congrats!
  8. I think bluefly sometimes haphazardly names things on their own free will kind of. Like the just called the Ya-Ya Essex trench, "Ya-Ya trench" and a lot of the wallets like Prada, Gucci, etc. get collectively called continental wallets with the designer name stuck in the front.

    I could be wrong, but it throws me off sometimes too!
  9. I've been seeing this bag on Bluefly for going on 2 years now and was hoping I'd get to see real pics of it. Much better in your pics than BlueFly's. I saw the great deal on it. It's been slowly going down in price. It's cute. A little loud but I like the design and the double zippers.

    I saw this name thing too and wondered. I swear this Gold bag is called a Devlin with an L. I can't be positive but I think BlueFly's ad had an L in it last year. But then again, I have seen alot of name errors on Bluefly like Snoopy said. Maybe Abbe and Bonnie forgot they already designed a bag called Devin! LOL