Gold Kelly and ebene Birkin, or vice versa??

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  1. Fellow tPFers, I need your much valued opinions and assistance with this important decision. I don't have any Birkins or Kellys yet but I am planning to get them both (one of each) during the next year. I have chosen two very versatile and easy colors for them, gold and ebene, but I don't know which of these I should choose for Birkin and which for Kelly.. Now I have the possibility to get the Kelly 32 in gold (togo) and that would mean eventually a Birkin in ebene (clemence, because I want my B to be soft and relax). What do you think dear tPFers, is that the right decision/combination?? I will not get more than one Kelly and one Birkin, so this decision is crucial.. :sweatdrop: Thank you already to all!! All opinions and comments are very warmly welcome!!!
  2. You definitely won't go wrong with either. Which one do you want to pop your outfits more? Which one do you want to be more subdued? Will you be using your birkin for work? If so, then going with ebene will be great!
  3. Sounds gorgeous! Great choices.
  4. Thank you hermes! I guess I can't go wrong with either of them, but still this feels such a HUGE decision. If I take now this Kelly it does nail down the color choice for both of the bags.. Lyanna, LOL! I actually don't wont either of them to pop my outifts so much. I mean, I want them both to be very subdued, easily wearable, classic/sophisticated, something I can thinkin of wearing when I am 70yrs old. :P At the moment I don't need either of them for work and I was thinking of getting the Birkin in size 30 so it will be more for leasure time than for work. Oh, and I have Picotin GM in ebene, so is Birkin in ebene too close to that?? Or are they two totally different bags I can have in same color?? And is togo a good choise for Kelly? Oh, and is 32 good size for Kelly if you want to use it with every outfits around the year? I emphasize, this will probably be my only Kelly, at least for a long while.. ;)
  5. Welcome, First Timer!!!!

    Nankali, making these decisions is quite nerve racking. I started with a gold kelly 32 & i got it. The birkin i wanted a blue but got a chocolate (lighter than ebene). So either color will be great. It's just a matter of spotting which one first.

    Good luck!
  6. ^^ Thank you baileylab! :smile: I know this is in a way a wonderful decision to make. But you put it so right, this really IS also soooo nerve racking!! It just feels impossible to make the "right" choice. As soon as I think I have now made a decision between these bags/colors and start to hesitate again.. I am becoming :wacko:! This is ridiculous, I know they are just bags but.. (LOL! Uuups, I don't think I have to say on this forum they are JUST bags.. :P ) Anyway, I have been pondering this decision for the last few weeks and it doesn't seem to come any clearer. But you are probably right, it is just a matter of which comes on your way first. Oh, dearest bailey, do you think you could add an action picture of you and your golden Kelly?? I would love to see the size as well, if it seems "small enough". I mean, I don't want a briefcase-kind-of bag, but a graceful size that will go also with dresses in the summer. I have tried to mesure and compare with my LV Speedy 30 but it doesn't help. And unfortunately I can't go to a store to see these IRL.
  7. i'd go for a classic gold kelly and a darker colored birkin and ebene is gorgeous :smile:
  8. If you have narrowed to these two colors for sure I would advise you to get the gold kelly and then the ebene birkin or another dark birkin like marron fonce or chocolate. You will find the darker birkin to be so universal. The brown will go with everything.
  9. Thank you loves for your opinion!! LOL, I am very weak for these kind of advice because I do have this gold Kelly I could get at once.. :happydance: If I leave this I might have to wait a while for an ebene K or golden B. I have a PO for a B/K so I will get that other one next summer. It would be tempting to get my first, well REAL H bag ;) now already, but I still want to make a PERFECT decision, not a rush one, although it means leaving this K and continue waiting...
    Oh, and here´s two pics from which I would love to get your opinions.


    First one is a golden Kelly (I think) and the second one is an ebene Birkin (I presume). Somehow I see these combinations more casual and "ordinary" than if the colors were the other way round. Do you see that same thing?? I can personally relate more to that woman with the ebene B than with the golden one. One thing to remember is that the place I live you don't see many Bs or Ks on the street, so I do not want to come out too much of the pavement, if you understand what I mean. ;) I would want both bags to be very normal and ordinary looking bags, just like any brown leather bag, not something that costs, well, what many outside this forum thinks is a LOT. :P
  10. Kellybag, thank you, like your opinion a lot! :flowers:
  11. Oh, and one more question (LOL, like there hasn't been enough.. :greengrin:smile: I said I have chosen ebene and gold for my B/K colors, but is that the right tone of brown to choose if you have only one lighter tone brown B/K?? I think I am leaning towards ebene Birkin, but what light brown is good for a Kelly? I thought gold is such a classic, but there are tabac, biscuit etc. Of course they are significantly harder to find too..
  12. I have a 32 Kelly, which I love, and it is the perfect size IMHO. I am 5ft 7. I also have an ebene Birkin and it goes with every colour, summer and winter. The pictures you have posted show two Birkins, one gold and the other possibly ebene. I love the darker Birkin. The colours and sizes you have chosen sound perfect to me, go for it! Congrats!
  13. ^^ Thank you oonagh!! We are about the same height so I would think 32 a good size for me as well. It is good to hear you consider ebene Birkin as an easy year around bag! I really think that ebene B sings to me very loud at the moment, so I think I will go with that gold Kelly. :yes: I love the very light browns like tabac, bisuit, even parchemin but I thought gold as a darker brown tone is practical if you want an everyday bag.
  14. great choices IMO too. I intend on getting just one Birkin and have been asking myself if I made the right choice's a dark brown tone and having a limited budget, I also don't want to go wrong...Hopefully will be showing pics in a week! I find the gold Kelly will also be perfect for a timeless classic piece. GL!
  15. The first pic is not a kelly but it is a gold birkin gold HW!