Gold Kelly 32 w PH, or other colors?

  1. Hello. Last month I was given a chance to get the fuschia kelly 32 in shop but becoz of some financial issue, i didn't get it. Today, the SA called again and there's a gold kelly 32 w PH available, should I get it? I love fuschia very much but I also think gold is so classy. This is my first H bag (apart from the fourre tout black cavans tote). My wardrobe is black/white/grey and sometimes red.
    Bags I got
    - beige chanel classic flap
    - black chanel tote
    - beige prada shopping bag
    - light orange tod's shopping tote
    - small tod's fuschia D-bag

    Appreciate for any suggestions. The bag is waiting for me until coming Sunday. Thanks :yes:
  2. Gold is always beautiful. In what leather?

    Here's the thing...if money is an issue..make sure you buy the one bag you really love. You know, the one you can't live without. That way, no matter if 100 bags come your way you will just never regret owning "one" if you buy the one you love. Don't get gold just beacuse it is classic and what moves you.

    Keep us posted.
  3. I agree about buying what you love.
    That said, from what I know and what others have said here, I think gold is one of the most versatile and beautiful colors Hermes makes.
    What leather is it?
  4. Kellybag, Tamarind - thanks for your comments. I forgot to ask what leather it is, but it's soft one (so not box). I picked the call while in kitchen to avoid DH found out I'm going to get a H bag.. :p

    I'm not that wealthy and so after getting this one, I can only get another one a year after. i've been eyeing on a black/red birkin w PH already and so no black for kelly.

    indeed, for gold color, do you know whether it's easy to get color transfer from jeans to the bag? i wear jeans a lot and i'm afraid this will ruin the bag.

    thanks again. :smile:
  5. I have never heard of color transfer on to gold, BUT if you ever buy one of those VERY heavy blue colored know the ones that would fade and lose dye after the first wash, I would definitely wash them once before carrying the kelly just to be safe.

    LOL...I remember once I did not wash a pair and I ended up having bits of blue dye on my undies. Can't take the chance!!!!
  6. After being on this forum for a while, I have fallen in love with gold bags. I think they will look great with everything. It does sound like you have some brights in your collection -- IMO you might get more use out of the gold.
  7. You can't go wrong with is really beautiful and it is a bag you can grab without hesitation throughout your lifetime.
  8. oh.. sorry to hear that. once i did transfer color from my Seven jeans (i thought it's washed already) to my kate spade tote :yucky: .. though the bag is not expensive but i love the pattern so much..

    thanks for the comments. i'll take a look tmr and see how i feel about it. will keep you all posted. :yes:
  9. Always buy the bag you LOVE and you won't go wrong. That being said, when it comes to $$$ constraints you also have to factor that into your decision. If you only have the choice between the Fuschia and the Gold, I'd pick the Gold especially since you already have a Fuschia bag. Gold will last your lifetime as a staple in your wardrobe and the bag you will reach for time after time. You may even decide to sell your other neutral bags and put the proceeds from those sales aside for another Hermes bag......this time in a bright color!!!!!!
  10. I say get the gold! You can always tie a fun pouchette or twilly on it for a punch of color! but gold is timeless!
  11. ^^ I agree with jag.. you can always add a touch of fuchsia or any other color via pouchette or twilly!!

    Gold is classic, you cant go wrong with it!
  12. I think Gold is a classic color you can keep forever, so go for Gold!
  13. OMG well said. As for a fuschia, it seems like gals with a deep and true love for pink (see: Neeya :smile: ) could be completely satisfied with this bag over a go-with-everything-nuetral like gold. But truly for the rest of us, fuschia would probably be the bag winking goodbye at you when you wear red, and poking at you when you leave her behind in the closet when you're wearing camel. I hate when I have a gorgeous bag I can't ever seem to match with my lifestyle.

    If you fell in love with her, get the gold. It's gorgeous, and the kind of bag you'd reach for with EVERYTHING, and be proud of every time.

    Don't get me wrong, fuschia bags are TDF :graucho: , but they're probably more like a 2nd or 3rd Hermes bag for many of us. Good luck, gold is worth the wait too!
  14. get the first birkin was a gold with palladium H! it goes well with everything!

    good luck!
  15. Get the gold if you like it with PH (personally I prefer it with GH), gold is such a classic!