Gold jewelry wearers - did you get the silver CDC instead?

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  1. Hey Everyone! So, I just can't decide between silver and gold hw for a new CDC. I wear more gold jewelry as it looks better with my skintone but I wonder if the gold CDC is too flashy? I know the CDC already is very flashy but wondering if the gold tone makes it even more so. Would love to hear people's thoughts on this. Thanks!!!
  2. I don't think the PHW or the GHW is more flashy on a CDC. I chose the color that looks best with my skin tone, so all of my CDCs have PHW and I have the all-sterling one as well. I do think the all sterling is more flashy than the leather ones, though it certainly isn't too flashy for daily and casual wear! Go for the color of hardware you will wear most or mix them up - a lot of folks do that, too!
  3. I say buy what you love and will wear.

    Both are everyday bracelets. I have both PHW and GHW (plus an all silver). Any one of them can be worn any time and any where.

    congrats on deciding to go for one!!!
  4. I used to wear only gold jewelry because it works best on my olive skin. In recent years I started wearing silver/white gold/platinum because it was a more casual look and styling became really fresh and very today.

    That said I do own both silver and gold hardware on CDC's but lean more towards the silver since it is a big quieter. I like the gold but it is definitely more of a 'look at me' statement piece. If I had to choose only one, it would definitely be with silver hardware.
  5. I only wear silver toned jewelry (silver, white gold, SS watches, etc) but my first, and so far only, CDC is black with GHW. I bought a gold bracelet to stack with my silvers just to have something gold to wear when I wear the CDC. However, I enjoy the look of mix-matched hardware so it doesn't bother me.

    Whatever you get, enjoy it!!!
  6. Gah! I am torn! I like the look of gold but I'm VERY casual (dress in tanks, shorts) and wonder if silver would be more appropriate given how I dress. Well, as far as availability, is gold a lot harder to get? It seems like it everytime I visit my boutique.