Gold Jewel wristlet

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  1. Is $30 CND a good price?
  2. It's reasonable. I paid around $22 for mine after taxes at the outlet. They had them there last week, but I didn't see any when I went last night.
  3. dang...wish I didn't bid so much!
  4. i paid 15 for mine at the outlet last week, dillards has it this week for 16

    depends on if you really want it, 15 bucks more shouldn't keep you from it if you really like it. I think it's worth 30 if you like it.
    If they are selling it on *bay there are fees etc so that is why it might not be possible to get it around 20.

    good luck!
  5. I think I got most of my jeweled wristlets for about $40 each (w/tax) at Dillard's (only 30% off). I wanted them bad enough to get them at that price. Kinda kicking myself for it now, but not really...I don't have to worry about getting them. :shrugs: