GOLD is the new BLACK!

  1. That's the dress code for the Louis Vuitton store at Beijing Seasons Place opening party this coming 27th September!

    I finally received my invite from LV this afternoon. :yahoo:

    The store in China World Shopping Centre has officially became my favourite LV shop ever! :tup:

    I can't wait until then, though I'm a bit worried about the dress code as I don't have any clothes in gold colour. My SA told me that I don't have to wear a gold colour cloth as long as I have something gold on me.

    Does this mean I can just bring something in Monogram because it has gold colour on it? LOL!

    When I opened the invite for the first time, it finally hit me that I will be seeing a lot of important people from LV and also seeing a lot of famous people (actors, etc..). I was a bit overwhelmed :wtf:

    Somehow I feel that I'm insignificant compared to these people. :push:

    Anyone here has been to a store opening before?? Please give me some advice or at least give me some info of what usually happens during such event. This is my first store opening event, I'm worried I might screw it up by doing something stupid. LOL!

    Oh yeah, looks like the event will have two parts. The first one is "Cocktail" and the second one is "Party". Anyone know what this means? I'm clueless about these things. LOL!

    I also heard that the event will be held in a nearby function room rather than at the new store. I hope that means I can take some pics (or LOTS OF PICS LOL!) to report back to you guys!!

    For now, have a look at the invite :graucho:


  2. Thats great news !!!

    Have fun !
  3. congrats to you!
    i just attended a local LV event on 19th Sep. :rolleyes:
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Wow, what an awesome invitation! So let me get this straight. You got an invitation to a store opening in Beijing from Mr Carcelle, and you live in Melbourne?? :nuts: I can't wait for the report afterwards! Please take lots of pics if you can :p Oh, and wear those gold LV shoes if you have them haha.
  6. yay congrats!!!
  7. congrats! maybe you can score some cool gold shoes worn with dark denim or something?
  8. GReat news!!! Im sure you will have an amazing time!
  9. they usually have the cocktails at the boutique with the ribbon cutting, then the party follows at a different location. do take lots of pics and post them here ok? have fun!!! we will all be there with you in spirit.
  10. have fun!
  11. WOW!! Congrats!! Have you been to the LV in Beijing before?
    Lotsa stars? I bet ya they're those mainland actors!!
  12. Actually I now live in Beijing for another few months or so.

    So I have been shopping to the LV stores (both of them at the moment - soon will be 3 stores in Beijing) and they had fantastic service!

    I hope I will be able to see some of China mainland's actors/actress during the event.
  13. WOW - that sounds just fabulous! Keep us posted.
  14. WoooooooW sounds fun!

    Don't forget to take picture for us!!
  15. Whoooaaa! So cool. Congratulations, I hope you'll have lots of fun! But that wouldn't be to hard on such an event, would it?!