Gold in swift???

  1. Dear Ladies,

    I am wondering about the gold colour in swift leather - how different is it from clemence or togo? I am familiar with these two, but have no idea about the swift. I saw the pictures of swift Birkin, but it looks kind of orangy in it... What about IRL?
    Thank you in advance:yes:

  2. Hi Elena, I have a gold Birkin in Swift leather, I attach a pic below. As compared to the Togo, it's not as dark and it's brighter as Swift brings out colours, I wouldn't really call it orangy as such. The picture below was taken under white light, hope it helps :smile:. Are you thinking of ordering one?

    p/s What's IRL?
    My Gold Birkin.jpg
  3. I've seen Swift gold IRL and I've also seen the pics that Luxwear has that do look a bit orangy. It's not orange at all, I would say it's similar to Clemence...actually gold is particularly lovely in Swift.....

    Jasanna, IRL = in real life
  4. Jasanna, Duna - thank you!

    Jasanna, thank you very much for posting the picture - I love your bag, the color is great - very natural light brown. I've already ordered one in 30 without seeing the color in this leather. Is yours 30 or 35?

    Duna, I like gold in clemence more, so I'm glad the swift's one is similar.
    I've heard that Swift takes colors particularly well.

    How do you like the Swift lining? I'm so used to Chevre inside the bags and it wears so well.
    Interesting, why did they make this change for the Swift birkins/kellys?

    Thank you again, you've put my worries about the color to rest.
  5. What is the lining like in swift? How does it wear?

    Does your swift 30's stand pretty firm and hold shape or do they slouch much?

    I would love to see more pics here of 30's to get a better idea.
  6. Jasanna, your Birkin is beautiful!
  7. Elena, swift Birkins are lined with swift; I personally think it's a pity because it scratches more than chevre lining, and it also makes the bag slouchier. I have a 35 and it's very slouchy, I don't know how the 30 holds out...
  8. Duna,
    It is not a good news about the swift lining... Well, it's too late for me to change my order, so I hope to like it in 30.
    I actually prefer the soft and slouchy for the birkin - nice to the touch; but I never had it in "too slouchy" version, so I don't know... My 35 is in Togo and 30 in Clemence, and I like the Clemence one much better because of its lightness and softness. I wanted one in smooth leather, but nothing too formal of stiff, so I've ordered the Swift. I hope not to be dissapointed!

    Thank you :smile:
  9. i've seen swift in gold and it is a great color, really brings it out. and i think the swift is definitely not too formal or stiff, as you put it. it's casually elegant or elegantly casual. :smile:

    jasanna, your birkin :love:
  10. I hate to say this, but swift in birkin isn't a good choice because of the softness of the leather, plus the softness of the lining = bad slouch.
    I say this because there were two 30cm swift birkins available in FSH yesterday - BJ and etoupe - both of which colors I would have grabbed in a heartbeat. My SA actually hinted to me not to get them (in all her sweet sincerity) because the leather is really soft. She didn't say that about my evergraine or even when I was eyeing a clemeance.
  11. Thank you for the info TammyD^^
  12. You're absolutely right Tammy, if I'd known, I would never have got my Birkin in Swift, especially being 35....It slouches MUCH more than Clemence (I have that too)
  13. Hi Ladies, sorry for the late am gona reply now slowly :smile:

    Elena - Mine is a 30cm and I've actually had no problems at all with the lining and I fine that it wears pretty well. I have a Swift Kelly as well, and I have scratched that to be honest, but I know I was not careful on my part. The clemence will definitely be a lot more durable, however, it is more slouchy and heavier than the Swift and I am not a big fan of the huge clemence grain.

    Duna - agree, I've seen Golds IRL in other leathers, Togo, Clemence etc and in particularly, the Gold does look GORGEOUS in the Swift. I've had heaps of comments from friends that do go..."That Gold looks different!" I have no scratches in my lining actually, I place things that can scratch such as keys etc, in a little pouch :smile:.

    Kellybag, Duna - My 30cm Swift does hold pretty firm. It definitely does not slouch anywhere as much as the 35cm, will take more pics for you soon :smile:. It has cute little batwings but it definitely holds it shape.

    Pigleto - My thoughts exactly! ;) it's perfect for both day and night. I find a rough leather not so nice for evening.

    TammyD - I get the feeling that most SAs think different about the leathers too. But of course, Fjord, Togo and Clemence would be most durable without a doubt. When my Birkin was bought in the Paris store, there was another Swift and an Evergraine, I was told by the SA that the Evergraine would scratch more easily than the Swift then, hence why I did not take the Evergraine. TammyD, congrats on all your purchases in Paris! I wish I was there now too, it's always so exciting! :smile:

    Elena - Remember that Birkins are very personal, it all depends on what you look for in a bag. (Like how some love the box eventhou it scratches REALLY easily) For me, my priority is that they should not scratch so easily and also be smooth at the same time (I am dying for a BJ Epsom next!). I don't like them slouchy at all, and the 30cm hasn't disappointed me as compared to some other Swift and Clemences in the 35cm that I've seen. I think that once you see the bag when you receive it, you won't regret it, trust me. It is indeed a smooth leather that is durable in the sense that minor scratches can easily be rubbed off. Hope this helps :smile:

    p/s and Thank you Ninja Sue!
  14. Jasanna- I am in love with your birkin! seriously, it is gorgeous! I am really loving these birkins in Swift, especially in gold and havanne!
  15. Thank you Jag! Swift actually makes colours look a little iridescent and shiney. So if colours are important to you, you would LOVE it IRL.