GOLD HEELS, which one would you choose?


Which one?

  1. #1-Gold Simple Pump

  2. #2-Super Metallic Gold Pump

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  1. Both are approximately the same price.

    Shiny or SUPER shiny? :smile:

    Choice #1 will be photo on far left and Choice #2 will be the one on the right!

    #1-100 mm, simple pump
    #2-120 mm with 20 mm platform

    And, you can say neither too. LOL


    Pics from eBay and NAP
    CL Gold Simple Pumps.JPG CL Metallic Gold Heels.jpg
  2. I like #2.
  3. I like #1!
  4. #2 no doubt
  5. They are both cute but I like #1 better. For some reason I don't think the super shiny gold goes with the wooden platform and heel very well.
  6. I like #2...
  7. #1- I don't like the chuncky heels on #2
  8. #1 definitely:tup:
  9. #2
  10. #1. The super shiny are just too much and not practical.
  11. i love #1!
  12. i have the super shiny gold in the miminette wedges and let me tell u i get soooooo many compliments on them. One time i wore them to a store and i bought a dress and i called back to ask a question and the girl says to me "r u the girl that had those awesome gold shoes on" hahaha.
  13. Neither ... I think the Simple pump has a really boring, borderline ugly design, and I think #2's gold looks a little cheap.

    Gosh--that just felt like Louboutin blasphemy.
  14. ^^ lol

    If I had to choose...I'd go for the first one.
  15. If I have to choose between those 2 then hands-down #1 -- a timeless classic! Sorry #2 really is just waaaay too tacky for my tastes and honestly I know I won't wear those even if I got them for free (yeah I have to agree wholeheartedly w/ legaldiva on this one -- #2 is just Louboutin blasphemy in my books).

    The best Louboutin gold shoes IMO are the Pigalle's and some of the sandals (which look truly special in gold -- he does several shades of metallic gold....there's the gold patent specchio that debuted this past season, as well as yellow gold metallic leather, light gold metallic leather, etc.).