Gold Heels - A Daytime Look?

  1. Dear Fashionistas,

    Can/should golden heels (and metallics in general, for that matter) be worn during the day, or are they best left to evening wear and special occasions?
  2. I think it depends on what you are wearing them with and where to. But for the most part yes. I would wear them during the day at least.
  3. Why not?
    Depends on the way you style them... but I don't see a reason why not...
    Go for it!
  4. I have a pair of bronze ballet flats that I wear to work and they're fine for the day. I pair them with a nonmetallic shirt of the same color and wear black for the rest of the outfit(suitbottoms, purse). It works.
  5. It depends. I certainly wear gold heels during the day! But the rest of your outfit should be more toned down. The gold heels should be the accent.
  6. Well said.
  7. I personally think it gives kick to a muted outfit. I want a pair of Jimmy Choo smooth sandals in gold metallic: perfect for day and night.
  8. I have these amazing Sigerdson Morrison gold ballet flats that good great with jeans--day or night! As for heels, as the other ladies have said, it really depends on how you wear them. Remember Carrie Bradshaw with her silver Manolos and army shorts? Somehow it just worked! ;)
  9. I personally think bronze/gold pointy-toe pumps are SOOOO cute under dark denim jeans, though I agree they should be the accent.
  10. Definitelydepends on the outfit! :yes:
  11. My instinct is to say that generally speaking, no. But if you must wear a heel, and with an outfit that appears to be wheedling for gold, try bronze.

    In fact, I would suggest bronze instead of gold for flats as well, especially if you are on a budget, because bronze is just more flexible, and can be worn with a larger range of things, both in terms of color and "dressedupness."
  12. of course! Just make sure your whole outfit isn't loud.