Gold Hardware

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  1. Hi,

    Just curious about the gold hardware on H bags.

    Do they tarnish/discolour?

    Likewise with the palladium.

    I noticed some are not as shiny as others.

  2. They won't tarnish as gold and platinum based metals do not, it's silver that does. They are both only plated though so it's possible for it to peel off
  3. good thing though...Hermes can always fix!
  4. :yes:
  5. Gold doesn't tarnish but sometimes you'll find the palladium does. Take a jewelers cloth to it and that'll do the trick!
  6. Really? Being a member of the platinum family it shouldn't do that
  7. I know, but some seem to. I've had two Kelly's with palladium that started to look "pitted" but they cleaned up nicely once I used the jewelers cloth. I know it's not a permanent solution but I look at it as maintenance same as buffing my corners with shoe polish when they get "rubbed". :Push:
  8. Shoe polish? And that works ok? I was thinking of taking my black Birkin in to see the repair lady as the top corners look a bit rubbed
  9. Naaaaa. I use Meltonian Black shoe polish (this is on my black Box bags and black Togo Kelly) and just dab it on the corners and treat it like I polish my shoes. KWIM? Only I'm a little more gentle. LOL!!!! Works like a charm!

    I do have to say though that I bring my bags for a regular spa visit but this works in the interim.
  10. I don't think they are 100% gold or 100% platinum... they are maybe plated with them or have them mixed in.

    Some do discolour, I was looking at the vintage pics for both the paladium and gold hardware and I did notice it didn't look bright and sparkly like the new ones. The gold goes to a very muted yellow after a while... this is purely from my observation from pics....

    Was just wondering what it was like for you ladies, seeing I haven't got one.
  11. Some vintage hardware was brass, so that would definitely need polishing to stay bright and tarnish free.
  12. aaaaahhhhhh that explains a lot!