Gold Hardware!

  1. Hi, I plan on purchasing my first birkin very soon. For some reason I'm more leaning towards GH than PH. However some people have been telling me that 24 karat gold dents easily. Can the people that own a birkin with GH please let me know if that has been an issue? Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, in my experience, I have owned a bag for 15 years and have used it quite heavily the first 10 years. I don't see any kind of dents or indentions. The only thing remotely different since purchase is the lock has a little halo appearance on the underside. (where the key turns the lock) It is like a slight discoloration. Honestly, I say don't worry!
  3. ^ they are gold plated not pure gold, if they were pure 24 Karat then it would dent really easily
  4. Gold looks beautiful and very nice especially on certain colors IMO!
  5. Thank you for your replies! I feel a lot better now. I think I will get the black swift leather 30 cm bag with GH that luxwear has on eBay. Thanks!
  6. ^^ I think gold hardware is very classic.. your choice combo is classic, you cant go with with black and gold hardware!!
  7. My first bag has gold hardware...I love it. Hope you love your too.
  8. I love gold hardware, especially with warm colour bags. I think it's nice if the gh is matched with warm colours, and ph with cool colours! For neutrals, anything is nice.
  9. Gold Rocks!!!! It is my favorite I love all my golds.Note only one of my golds bent the canter piece it is not noticeable but not to worry it was a pretty bad fall I had. so it is not from normal wear.
  10. I love GOLD HW. For my 2nd PO, I ordered Etoupe with GOLD hardware! It's different and IMO it goes well cuz it's neutral!!

    Go for the GOLD!
  11. I have seen mild scratches, but never denting. There is no reason why it should be softer than anything else out there. Very classic, can never go wrong with it.
  12. i am only interested in GH for my bags! i have scratches, but it's all part of wear and tear. my PH also has scratches too. so i say go for the gold!!!
  13. Sounds beautiful Hermes Only.
  14. I went against the norm for my order as well and got GOLD! I ordered Blue Jean with Gold HW, which is :wtf: for most people. But I just love the contrast, and I really like seeing blue or turquoise stones set in Gold jewelry.
  15. ^sparklyprincess: I love the blue jean with gold hardware as well!! You're right..against the norm but very fabulous!!

    I've seen birkins in rogue vif and gold hardware, and they look fantastic!!! It really pops!