gold hardware vs. silver hardware-Advice and comments please

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  2. I don't really wear much jewelery, but when I do I feel inclined towards silver/white gold. I do believe I'd go for this kind of hardware on a bag 'cause I have a huge problem of being matchy.. although the colour of the bag might change my mind.
  3. i don't mix my jewelry but i'm fine with mixing my bag hardware with jewelry. i think the hardware should match the bag. some colors look great with gold or palladium (like black or gold); while others look better with gold or palladium (like fuschia and blue jean with palladium).

    in general i think gold hardware "dresses up" a bag. makes it look more traditional, formal, dressy, and in general i think palladium makes it look more modern, casual, young.

    i struggled with the gold versus palladium question with my black box kelly. i am a palladium girl who had to choose gold for the black box. i couldn't resist the "classic" look. i'm so glad i chose gold even though i wear white gold/platinum most of the time. i think all future bags will be palladium though since i dress more casual than my kelly.
  4. Couldn't agree more, shopmom! Colour/Leather/Hardware combination is THE only consideration that I make when it comes to choosing colour of hardware. I do not bother to go matchy matchy with the jewellery I wear.

  5. :yes:Me too!
  6. I tend to match the hardware with my jewelry, which also usually coordinates with the "tone" of the bag (cool vs. warm) and whatever I'm wearing, since my warm-toned bag (Gold) has gold hw and my cool-toned bag (ebene) has palladium hw. Sounds a bit anal, doesn't it? Yikes.
  7. I prefer GH over PH, unless it's a color which (to me) just can't go with GH, eg. blues. THEN, I try to match my jewellery with my H bag. If nothing goes, a tennis bracelet always works!
  8. ITA, kim_mac, and like both GHW and PHW for these reasons. For my serious bags (Sellier Box Kelly, Sellier Porosus Kelly and Lizard Constance) only GHW would do. I've got a couple of SO's for shiny Porosus Birkins, both with PHW because I want a more modern look for the Birkins.