gold hardware vs. silver hardware-Advice and comments please

  1. I wear silver/white gold/platinum metals always for my jewelry and other accessories. I have always only purchased Hermes bags with silver hardware. however recently i bought a bag with gold HW because I was limiting myself too much for what I could purchase. Do you all mix and match? I am a very matchy person but does it look okay to wear all white metal jewelry and a bag with gold?
  2. I'm like you except I used to only wear gold jewelry. My wedding band is yellow gold and I just can't mix and match metals. I think it looks good on others but I just can't do it :shrugs: Then I fell in love with a Blue Jean Kelly and couldn't resist it despite the hardware. When I bought it I had a white gold version of my wedding band made and it just opened up another world for me, lol. Plus a whole other set of new jewelry :p

  3. I am the same!! I think that it is fine to mix and match and looks very modern. (Who really notices anyway?) However, I can NOT do it. I have tried and I just feel wrong. I almost exclusively wore gold but had to buy some things in white gold and platinum to match my bag hardware!
  4. I used to feel very matchy-matchy about my jewelry but I find that I don't really care anymore, as long as the rest of the outfit goes together!

    And I have a beautiful bracelet with silver and a gold tab together, so since I wear that all the time, I match whatever I'm wearing :biggrin:
  5. I mix everything anyway so handbag hardware doesn't make too much difference to me. The only requirement I have is that it looks lovely against the color/leather combination of the bag. KWIM? For example....I had a lovely Caramel Chevre Kelly with gold hardware and that Gold just GLOWED against the color/leather combo of the bag! Such a stunning combination!
  6. I do not mix jewlery ( i wear white gold or platinum) but I do not try to match handbag hardware to my jewlery. It use to bother me but I used LV for years and all they have is that brass/gold and it made me get over the hardware jewlery matching issue. My kelly is plad hw and my birkin is gold hw and I just pick the bag that goes with my outfit best irregardless of hardware
  7. Totally agree with shopmom and she knows best!

    For me, it is the color/leather and hw match up on the bag...I don't even let it phase me if it matches my jewelry!!!

    Enjoy your new bag!

  8. thanks everyone--i feel slightly better:smile:
  9. You should feel better completely. LOL. I have asked myself the same question. I tend to be matchy matchy although I am being more relaxed these days...:yes: The color that I am looking for in Hermes looks better to me with gold hardware than silver and I tell you I going for it as soon as I find it. :wtf:
  10. I wear both so have no problem with either -- however -- my gold ostrich as in my avatar just looks so amazing with the gold! I also had an indigo bolide before with gold and it was just so rich looking - so I guess some colors to me, look all the more gorgeous with gold at times and some look better with the silver -- I had a potiron bag at one point w/silver and thought it would have looked better with gold...which color are you thinking?
  11. I am not matchy at all. I wear whatever strikes my fancy for the day. Four years ago I was followed home from the grocery, and robbed at gun point in my garage. The thief relieved me of a lovely gold w/ diamond bezel watch. I replaced it with a Cartier stainless, and now I just wear whatever. I don't think it matters to anyone, but you, if you mix metals. But, if it bothers you, purchase a gold and sterling bracelet. There are tons of great looking ones...that solves the problem.
  12. First, golden's mom, thank goodness you survived being robbed at gunpoint.

    I wear mostly platinunum, sterling and stainless steel, and almost all of my Hermes bags have GHW. I don't give matching my jewelry and handbag hardware a thought.
  13. I don't mind mix and match and IMO it's actually quite modern.
  14. Like for my h/w to match my jewelry most of which is white metals. On the occasion that a wear a bag with gold h/w I'll find something gold to wear with it.:yes: