Gold hardware KEYCHAIN help!

  1. I was thinking of getting one of their keychains so I can attach my keys and my mj pouch to my belt loop when I'm really on the run. Can anyone suggest one for me? I would like it in gold hardware. I still have yet to pop my LV cherry. TIA:flowers:
  2. the pochette extender/bolt key holder is a good, simple one, if you don't want anything very complicated. It's $110.
  3. do you have a pict?
    I wouldn't mind it being a little fun, the pouch is understated.
  4. Have you thought about a cles? Yu can attach your keys and then throw your ID/CC and cash in it for when you're really on the go!
  5. I would love to get a cles eventually, but I just got this, or else I'd be all over one in epi!!
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