Gold Hardware --- is it just me?

  1. Hello all! I've been looking for a nice functional black leather bag lately, but all the decent ones only seem to have gold or brass hardware! I like my bags to have silver or nickel hardware.........Am I the only one?

    I have seen some really nice bags, but to me the gold/brass makes some of them look tacky (IMHO).......Any suggestions????......under $500 please.....preferrably waaay under! I definitely don't have a bag budget some of you ladies seem to have! :yahoo:
  2. I have always had a preference for tarnished hardware, be it silver or gold. I really love brass. The shiney gold doesn't do anything for me at all.
  3. It's not just you, I'm getting tired of all the bags I like having gold hardware. The light gold on Gucci bags isn't so bad, and dull brass, like on Kale bags, is fairly versatile. I would still love to have more bags with nickel or silver hardware available, I think my next Belen Echandia will have to be a custom order because the shiny shiny gold on their new bags will clash with much of my jewelry.
  4. It's funny that you posted this because I was just having the very same conversation w/ a friend of mine. I've always preferred bags w/silver hardware, but I recently acquired a Cocah bag w/ gold hardware and I love it!! I came from the era where gold was all the rage and now I'm starting to get into it again. I guess I like having the options but I do get your point about some bags looking seriously tacky when the gold is so overpowering!

  5. I'm a white metal lady, hands down. Jewelry is white and I try to buy my handbags with white hardware. One of the drawbacks for the LV neo cabby (besides the price!) is its gold hardware. Bleah! I really want it but the gold is so gold. For me, anyway.
  6. I also prefer silver hardware. I recently ordered a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After mini in the new blue color, but am returning it because I don't care for the gold hardware.
  7. I looove golden/brass hardware.
  8. I just wanted to say that there are some bags out there that are pretty cool, but the gold is soooo shiney that it looks like it would be icky if any of the gold finish would rub off.
  9. I am a white metal lady too.
    All my bags have to have mixed metals or silver pewter hardware. Otherwise, I don't use them.
    It really makes me mad with Marc Jacobs bags. Only some new ones now have white metal hardware.
  10. I too perfer silver HW in general. I've been able to find bags, but granted, many of my bags are over that range.
  11. I definitely prefer silver as well, but probably half my bags happen to have gold. Usually the hardware on my bags isn't very large, so I don't notice it too much though. If given a choice though, I would go for silver over gold.
  12. wow...i thought i was the ONLY person in the world who loved silver hardware!!! i just bought a michael kors bag that i would have loved a lot more if it had silver hardware...i love the bag, but, would have loved it MORE in silver or nickel...
  13. I'm not picky about the color of the hardware. Gold, silver, brass, doesn't matter. As long as it works well with the bag, that is what counts. I wear platinum and white gold most often, but I don't worry about it clashing with my handbag hardware.
  14. I am with you on loving the silver hardware. I can tolerate brass, but shiny yellow gold just looks cheap to me. I believe we are a bit behind the times since yellow gold is back, but I'm okay with that. I buy what I love. I think the consumer should decide what is "in" and clearly there is a lot of us that haven't made the switch yet.
  15. I sort of prefer the brass or gold hardware, but I like silver too...I guess if the bag is nice and the hardware is substantial it doesn't really matter to me.