Gold Hardware Girls!

  1. How has yours held up?

    Ok, thanks to ShopMom, RockerChic and many other helpful gals, I am starting my Hermes collection this weekend! I am buying a wallet, Bearn probably :heart: (God help me if my dream bag is there at the same time... :wtf: hehe)

    While I am 100% convinced I want Palladium on my bag, I keep eyeing GOLD HARDWARE on wallets. I guess it's a little exotic to me since everything I own is white metal. Although this may sound stupid, I know nada about how gold holds up since I've been so tunnel vision with Palladium.

    Since the hardware is gold-PLATED, does it eventually begin to wear off? Patina? I've seen it on many older bags/wallets but just assumed it was brass. But you know what happens when you assume.... :blush:
  2. I have gold hardware on my bags from 1994 and 1995 (or thereabouts). It holds up beautifully and doesn't rub off or anything. So go for gold girl!
  3. Wow! I'm impressed! The finish on my black LV Le Fabuleaux is coming off on the bottom corners. Not sure what the brass is plated with, but I can see it now. Very glad to hear that after 7-8 years, the finish on the H bag is looking good!

    And I guess it says something about the long-term investment quality of the two manufacturers, huh??

    Angelfish, I'm so envious! I will get into proximity of Hermes in about four weeks when we visit Maui for Spring Break. We have to hop over to Oahu for some serious H shopping!!

  4. Thanks gals!

    Oh, and Hawaii shopping will take your breath away. Remember to hit the beach too! LoL I kept telling myself the beach was fabulous for being a shopping diversion there lol

    Yeah, I'm excited! Can't wait... and feel a lot better about the GH issue. People usually seem pretty pleased with what colour they get, so I guess I just wondered if anyone had a bad experience or regretted a hardware choice! :wtf:
  5. Hi, I've had 20 year old bags with the gold hardware that were just fine. If they ever get really damaged, just sent the bag to Hermes and they will replace the hardware, cost about $100.
  6. I have a 1996 Birkin and the hardware is beautiful!!
  7. This is all excellent news! And you can replace hardware for what I am sure is less than cost? Dang! I'm thinking HARD about that 28cm soft pink Kelly at the Vancouver store. Wish it were bigger!!

  8. Very good to know!

    Angelfish....:yahoo: I can't wait to see what you find! Have a great time! hNe
  9. Thanks! I'm piggybacking a trip this weekend to go pick one up - the store is kind of a haul, but I'd really like to pick it up in person, not just send away for it!!

    And yes, leaning ever so hard on GOLD now :nuts:
  10. i love GH. i only have PH bags so far, but for sure my next few bags will all be in GH!!!

    oregon: i have a LV le fabuleaux in blue. haven't used it in awhile but i'm scared to check the gold corners now that u've mentioned urs....
  11. Another fan here, I LOVE GOLD hardware! I ordered my Birkin with Gold HW last month, and my SA told me I should get it in 8 months to 1 year. :yahoo:
  12. peanutbabycakes: I decided to change bags today, back to the LeFab. I have just looked at it and when the brass color rubs away, it is silver. I will call my LV SA and ask her what LV can do for me, and let you know!

    One note, I do beat the heck out of it. It's my workhorse handbag. And I'm the only one who can see the silver starting to show through on the bottom corners.
  13. sparklyprincess: Congratulations! What a great feeling to know that you are gonig to get EXACTLY what you dream of!! :shame:
  14. I love gold hardware, it's my favorite. Also congratulations to sparklyprincess for your order. May I ask? Did you order through the San Francisco boutique? :smile: That's where I purchased my Kelly.
  15. Oregonfanlisa: Thanks, I'm so excited :happydance: but I know I need to be patient :noworry:. I placed the order, not knowing if it was an actual SO or not. I'm looking to add to my collection of H bracelets, so I called my SA yesterday to have her look for one in particular. So I casually mentioned my Birkin order and said, "but who knows when that'll arrive...", and she looked up my info then told me I should get it in 8 months to 1 year! I really hope this happens.

    LaurieAnn: You know what, I've only been to the SF store once and didn't like the service there. It's a shame because that's my closest store (2hours). I do look young for my age, so I don't know if that was the reason why they didn't seem interested in my business:hysteric: . I travel a lot, so I do my H shopping elsewhere. I've had wonderful service at the SCP and KOP stores, so I've done most of my shopping there. Congrats on your Kelly! Was it on the floor or did they order it for you?