gold hardware discontinued in the UK?

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  1. OK, so I know that they have stopped makeing bags with gold hardwares ,but I tought they would do gold harware only on black bags? I really really reaaaalllyy want a giant city in black with gold hardware but it seems like they have stopped selling these in London .... I have called everywhere ; selfridges, the balenciaga store, harvey nichols , harrods... and they all said that they didn't have any, and the balenciaga SA said that they don't carry them anymore... ?
  2. mmmm..... I was pretty sure they were continuing to do gold hardware on black bags?? Will have to do some research and find out for sure...
  3. ^Yes , was pretty sure about that too :sad: It's was like my dream bag , and now that I finally decided to get it , it's not available anymore, perfect! The SA at bal London told me to go to Paris... ummm....
  4. they have the black part time in GGH on not the city :sad:
  5. The Black GGH City is available on the Bal-US website. If you have a friend in the US, maybe they could order it for you .. and then ship it to you in the UK?!!?