Gold hardware chipping?

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  1. How many of you had issues with your gold hardware chipping or wearing off? considering something with gold h/w and would hate to spend that much only to have the gold chip or wear off.
  2. Although I have no experience with gold chipping off, I have a wallet with gold wearing off. You can always get it redipped for a small fee. If works need to be done within the year of purchase, the repair should be free. Depending on the use, gold can wear off as I've seen in some vintage bags. My vintage gold is 16 years old and it still looks pristine like the day I first bought it, granted that it was gold plated. Actually, none of my bags have gold hardware wore off, and I have about 10 with gold hardware.
  3. I did have an issue with this. I bought a black jumbo in May or June and I accidentally rubbed the turn knob against the wall in my apartment. The ghw wore off. The sales associate at NM took it in to fix it. It should be coming back in 3 months. Next time, I'm thinking I should go with SHW.

    I also saw my friend's reissue that she bought 3 years ago. The reissue had rubbing off of ghw on the chains and the turn knob. You will only notice if you look carefully though. Otherwise, it's not a big deal.
  4. Some of my really old vintages have had parts of the gold rub off. It has a lot to do with the amount of handling, storage and climate. Under perfect storage conditions, there is almost no tarnish. Add a lot of handling to a favorite bag and there is a chance that the gold plating layer will deteriorate revealing the base metal, which is usually a silver colored alloy.

    This photo is from a 24 year old belt bag. The knob and top of the CCs have lost their gold color, but the edges of the CCs are still a beautiful gleaming gold.


    That's why Chanel boutiques in several countries have replating services.

    I am really surprised to think that the color could wear off so quickly in newer bags! Takes a lot of wear on an older vintage to do that.

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  5. Uh-oh... :nogood: I should've bought the SHW.. If only I knew.. :shucks:
  6. ehhh! You could still be very happy for years - why worry, just enjoy it and just give it a wipe down with a clean cloth from time to time! If I was really worried, I could bounce mine in for replating, but I don't mind the lived in look of this particular bag.
  7. ITA! Your really need to stop worrying and start enjoying. Life is too short to be flooded by worries.
  8. for me, since there's no chanel store in Manila, It would be a hassle to do a replating/redipping since I have to fly to HongKong or ship it somewhere else that has a chanel shop to get it redipped. Anyway, It's too late now, don;t have a choice.. Maybe just have to be extra careful with the hardware and the bag itself..:smile: