Gold hardware, but silver feet? Did I get an off bag?

  1. Got my MAM yesterday, hardware is gold, but the feet are bright silver, and you can see them when carrying it. Did I get a mismade bag or do all of them have silver feet?
  2. ^What color and season is your MAM?
  3. Maybe post some pics? :wondering
  4. Its the Night Blue MAM, Just got it from Revolve. The feet are definatly silver, even my hubby noticed right away. Shouldnt it have gold feet? Gung, do yours all have silver feet or do they match the hardware?
  5. That does seem odd, I had the night blue MAM but returned it so I don't have one in hand to compare it to - but I would have noticed if the feet on mine were silver.

    If it bothers you, I'd return it. Which is disappointing, I know, but it'd be worse to carry a bag you weren't totally in love with.
  6. Went and looked at some pics of other peoples MA and MAM, they had matching feet. :sad:
    Im dissapointed as I like the bag otherwise.
  7. That's so odd! You should definitely call up Revolve and ask them about it, maybe exchange it for another if the other ones have matching hardware.
  8. ^ Yeah, I'd call and ask for an exchange. :yes:
  9. I just got the black MAM from Revolve Clothing - it is very similar to the night blue - my purse has the studded zipper pulls and I think yours does too? Anyway, my hardware is all gold, even the feet. Silver feet and gold hardware is odd - i would definitely call them. I think the customer service at revolve was great!
  10. thats really odd! give them a call. they are usually pretty good and will do an exchange