Gold hangtags, can I order one from Coach?

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  1. My daughter really wants a gold tag for her little pouch, but as far as I know there aren't any gold charms right now that resemble hangtags. She is trying to sweet talk me out of the one on my Lindsay. :roflmfao: I thought I would take a look at the one below in person, but I don't think it will be as bright gold looking.

  2. IDK about buying the tags directly from Coach, but there are some available on ebay.
  3. Since you already have a lindsey and it has one on it, you could call JAX and say that one fell off, they'll ask for the style # and send you a new one...then give that to your daughter...voila!
  4. I know it's a small thing, but I do believe in karma and couldn't say I lost it if I really didn't. Maybe I could ask them really nicely if they could send one, and if not I guess it's eBay or see if I can find something else for her.
  5. If you'll pm me your address, I'll send her one. I have an extra because Coach didn't send one the first time I called for a replacement and when I called the second time, I somehow received 2.
  6. Are you serious?!?! Thank you!! :yahoo:
  7. Tell them your chain on the bag is loose and you would like another just in case - this is not really a lie because the chains on the bags can get loose and a back up would be a good thing to have - Or just tell JAX the truth and sweet talk them into sending you one
  8. Got the address. It will be in the mail next week.
  9. That is so sweet, Coachies are good people :tup: This kind of thing brightens my day even when I'm not the one on the receiving end of someone's kindness.
  10. OK Bag Lady thanks again! You rock!
  11. This is what I love about this forum--you ladies are so thoughtful!

  12. Agreed!! Some really wonderful people on here. Even as much as this forum enables me to keep buying more I just cannot stay away because of the kindness shown here. You all rock!:tup::tup:
  13. Coachies stick together. I've never been on a forum that's so welcoming, supportive, and yes, enabling. LOL Making a little girl smile is just part of the fun. :tup: