Gold hamptoms

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  1. To anyone that has the gold hamptons sateen: is this one that will get dirty easily? I am thinking of getting the hobo, I just love the gold.
    Thanks for any input.
  2. Do you have a picture?
  3. I wanted the gold hobo but purchased the gold bag with the pockets because they were out of the hobo in gold.
    gold hobo.jpg
  4. ^^ IF that's the bag you're talking about, it's pretty easy to clean. Just so water and mild soap does the trick.
  5. I have the hobo and it does get dirty kinda easily, but its super easy to clean. Just grab a baby wipe and wipe away!
  6. I heard about the baby wipe thing...You use it on the sateen matrials, right? Does it really work? I haven't bought a bag like that b/c I was worried it would get too dirty too.....I've had it w/ suede..NO MORE!! :heart: Emmy
  7. Thanks for the babywipe tip. I will definitely try it. I used a shout wipe when I spilled some coffee I mind pink herringbone. The coffee came out but the herringbone is always getting lint and stuff on it. : (
  8. Ok, I'm dumb, the sateen is what the Hamptons bags are made of right? If so, yup, and they work great, my white Hamptons hobo got really dirty when I brought it to work, and after cleaning it with baby wipes it looks fantastic!

    You're quite welcome. Someone told me about that tip on LJ when I posted asking how to clean my white hobo.
  9. Oh boo.. that's why I bought the black one because I was afraid of the other colours getting seriously dirty but that's way easy to clean !
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