Gold H/W with silver jewelry or Silver H/W with gold jewelry?

  1. What do you girls feel looks better? Having a classic flap with Silver H/W and then wearing it with gold jewelry or having a classic flap with Gold H/W and then wearing it with silver jewelry?
  2. Both are pretty much the same thing IMO. :smile: My watch is silver and most of my bags have silver h/w, but a few of my bags have gold h/w so for me, if I do one of the two, it's usually silver jewelry with a gold h/w bag. :smile: I don't really care too much about mixing and matching... sometimes I like to match, but in general I think it's a cool to wear whatever you want with whatever you want to (so mixing metals is :tup: IMO). :heart:
  3. I can't bring myself to mix hard ware, so ended up buying the large black caviar classic flap with gold and silver hardware- just think of the money I could have saved!:yes: