Gold h/w Epi Speedy still available?

  1. Are there still new(from boutique), gold h/w Epi speedies out there? Or is it palladium only? Elux only has silver, so I was wondering if the gold is totally gone now. Anyone know?

  2. There's some floating around, I would ask your SA to do a search.
  3. Thanks Michelle:flowers:
  4. ITA with Michelle- there are definitely some still available. If you don't have an SA you can use I'd call 866.
  5. No problemo! I think I saw some at the SF store last week. Or if you want to only make one call 866 is the easiest way to go.
  6. oh yea, for sure. my two louis only had gold and there was ONE lone silver hiding out amongst it! call 866 and have them track you one down.