Gold/gunmetal trim GG plus bags?

  1. I went to check out the boutique today and I saw a few totes in GG plus (in white as well as the normal grey) with gunmetal leather trim or gold trim (the same shiny effect as on this seasons clutches, almost patent-like shine, the leather looks so good, I'd hate to crease it!). I've searched all of the Gucci websites' (since international sites like Japan have different stock) handbag and luggage sections for information, but to no avail. Has anyone seen these bags or is it only exclusively available in some places? TIA!
  2. I've never seen them here.
  3. Yes I know the ones you are talking about. I saw them at Gucci Melbourne a couple of weeks ago. I asked the SA and they are part of the luggage range.
  4. I have seen them at Gucci in Vancouver but they usually call their VIP clients first one of my gfs managed to get her hands on one because they called her before it hit the floor and she got the only one they had left!!! You can always ask them to try to order it in for you!
  5. I love GG plus, how much were the bags?!?
  6. From what I know they were cheap. When I asked how much they were I was shocked at the price. I asked why so cheap and she said it was cos they were part of the luggage range. I am not a fan of them though, the trim doesn't do it for me... I know Melbourne is already sold out of the medium boston which was about (600AUD from memory? might be 700AUD... so approx 480 to 560USD) unless they've gotten more stock in. Then again that price might be for the large one? Honestly cannot remember. But they were definitely cheaper than the non-luggage range.

    Sorry that was a VERY helpful reply. It didn't answer anything!
  7. I saw them today! The white one looks cute w/ the slivery gold trim,I like the baby size boston. I wonder why they launched it in Fall/Winter though. They look very sturdy and will endure rainstorm!
  8. It's official...I must have one... Has anyone seen them on the East Coast..I am not sure where I should start looking, as I do not have an SA in Maryland yet!
  9. Luxurygal, maybe try giving any store close to you a call? I actually quite like the boston too. I'm not really a fan of the GG plus, but this may be an exception...