Gold Guccissima Exclusive

  1. Has anyone seen the 100th anniversary limited edition pieces for NM? They are bags from the Britt collection in a gold guccissima leather. I'm very tempted....
  2. No but I would love to see them
  3. i saw the bag at the willowbend shops in plano. it was a beautiful gold color, but just to gold for me.
  4. Hey! I live right by that mall!

    And yes I have seen then but I didn't look very well because I figured I couldn't pull it off. Too gold for me as well.
  5. is it similar to the miroir collection of LV?
  6. Here is a pic
  7. I think the bags are crazy hot...exp with the right outfit and mmmmmmmmmmm!!! (and think how hot it would look with just jeans and a crisp white shirt! a dangly pair of earrings and some hot shoes!!!)

    man i need to get a job haha

  8. haha yup then wear it to school!:wlae:
  9. Its beautiful! and I have been itching for a metallic bag! Anyone know the price?
  10. I cant wait till i can see them in real life.
  11. $1895
  12. What a gorgeous bag!
  13. Cute bag but so gold.
  14. Wow! That is a beautiful bag!!! :drool::heart::love:
  15. I think the hobo style will be great, and the price is only $1395