gold Gucci handcuff clutch

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  1. I Found that clutch in Gucci store London about 680 pound ,,,I love it and take it immediately ...
    :heart: :heart: :heart:

    1- What do u think of it ? :s

    2- I’m searching for a gold dress to go with it ,,
    a- I have white/beige dress ,,,not sure it will go with that bag ,,,
    b. Should i have that dress from Roberto Cavalli ,,, the same as but short sleeve

    Gucci and Cavali doesn’t match and miss together ??

    c . I should take the gold dress from Gucci to match the clutch ? ..not sure if they have my size and if anything left ?

  2. Oooooo, definitely choose the Gucci dress!! :wtf:

    The Cavalli and Gucci together would be way overboard, they're both over-the-top, and it'd be tacky together. But Gucci makes all their products synergize so well together, both of those gucci dresses would be waaay hot with the clutch. They probably make short versions as well??!!
  3. The Gucci dress is just amazing!!! It would look PERFECT with the bag. Is it for a special occasion?
  4. OMG...I am DROOLING over everything in this thread!!!! LOVE the clutch and BOTH dresses took my breath away!!!!!!!!!!!

    I say you get the Cavalli dress - even if it's not to go with the clutch - that dress is TDF!!!!!!!!!
  5. i love your clutch but you definitely need to purchase the gucci dress to match with it.:P
  6. I love the clutch.
  7. Yes! Love the Gucci dress and clutch!
  8. OMG!! OMG!! You saw the clutch at a store? I have been eyeing on it forever and was sadden to see it disappeared from the website. There is hope. Thank you! Thank you!
  9. Love the clutch!
  10. :drool: LOVE that clutch (SO hot!) & Definately the Gucci dress!
  11. Thanks All for replaying :love:

    Love2Travel :

    Gucci dress!!
    YEs I went to the Gucci store in Sloane street there is no gold dress only one and not my size ,,,even the short version is sold out !!!
    I should search in Harrods and bond street maybe I should just call them before i go but I love to walk there ,,,

    Sunshine :
    Yes Its for party in the new year ,,,, I am sure there will be a lot of parties Weeding – or dinner party in that time of year ( after Eid : in Sudia )

    heheh me to

    I take the cavalli dress too :rolleyes: :smile: I need other bag for it now ,,hehe

    I am searching for the dress
    (btw I found some fake gold dress – one in Morgan (oxford street) )
    other will be Dolce and Gabana the black with the gold chains

    theGlamorous I love it too, and love ur comments

    Mssmelanie Who don’t love it thanks for passing :smile:

    Deniseorage : Yeaa I just take it last Friday ,,,
    the story :
    First i went to the bond store They told my are u (crazy ) it sold out from long time We don’t think you can find it anywhere in Europe ,,,You will be very lucky if you do

    I went to Sloane street anyway ,,: they told me that I am very lucky today they have resaved two one in hold and one i take it ,,,

    then I went to Gucci store in Harrods ,, (just ask them if you have that bag ? they say its sold out and you cant find it in Europe )

    Emald37 I love it 2 ,thanks for the comment

    BeckL Thanks ,,,(didn’t find the dress yet :sad: )

  12. OMG, that is the hottest NYE outfit I could possibly think of. Gucci is my dearest favorite designer, and Ive always dreamed of donning an ensemble like that for new years eve!! What shoes are you thinking of, maybe the gold glitter pumps w/ metal platform??!!! :wtf:

  13. Love that bag! Good luck in finding the dress. Can't Gucci just order it for you?
  14. :nuts: Because of this thread, I got inspired and did my own sleuthing and after two days, I successfully got my own, the last of its kind variation (am told by SA, well in North America at least) of Arabica's gold Gucci handcuff clutch. i didn't think I would be able to get my hands on a handcuff clutch at all, since even no longer has it, and 2 out of 3 Gucci stores in Toronto that I have inquired over the phone told me that it's no longer available in a long time, but my persistence paid off when I called Gucci @ Holt Renfrew and was told that they have something similar in ivory in the stock room, and SA Jason was kind enough to hold it for me, and I went there early this afternoon and was overjoyed to find out that it was in patent leather and 4.5 inches longer than the gold one @ their website. It's a beautiful flap clutch made of flawless ivory patent leather with light gold hardware, measuring 13.5 inches (width) X 5 inches (height). The design is both simple and edgy -- simple coz of the sole GG logo on the flap, and edgy coz of the way the cuff was studded in light gold, and the interior is complemented by supple ivory suede. I really love this bag, and it matches my ivory Manolo Blahnik d'orsays -- can't wait to go out! :smile: I owe it all to this thread, and Gucci SA Jason of course!:graucho:

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  15. ^^^^Holy crap. you are SO lucky,,,that bag is BEYOND gorgeous. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
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