Gold Fjord....opinions? pix?

  1. Does anyone own anything in gold fjord? How does it compare to gold togo (cooler) vs. gold clemence (warmer)? Any pix anyone could add to our reference thread??

  2. frenchie, I believe xquisite has a gold fjord birkin on order from Paris. Can't wait to see it, too, cause fjord seems like such a great leather and gold is a classic color. When I was in Paris recently, they said they could order a fjord birkin 35, but not a 30. They could also do fjord in a bolide. Didn't ask about fjord kellies, but wish I had...
  3. ^she did order this very bag...bumping so she might see this thread.
  4. Thanks for the bump, GF. Yes, it is true - I am waiting for a gold fjord birkin (It's well known that I like 'em stiff)! It is a 35cm (and as mizzle said, fjord's not offered this season in 30cm).
    I have never seen this actual combo, but FSH did have a 32 plume in gold fjord which was gorgeous, and after trying it out a few times convinced me that this was the combo for me. Fjord is also a great leather for plumes, IMO.
    Gold in fjord is close to the colour in togo - It's more neutral / cool than in clemence or swift (which has a lot more orange in it).
    I'm really hoping to have a delivery in the next month:sweatdrop: so I can post some pics.
  5. Next Month!!!!!!

    I have my fingers and toes crossed for you, J!!!!!!!!!
  6. xquisite - that's awesome! hope we get to see it soon!
  7. Cool!! I was hoping it would appear more like the togo color than the clemence color!!! Thanks!

    Why if they offer it in a 35 this podium wouldn't they offer it in a 30?? Would it have to be a SO then in a 30?
  8. FF, perhaps the skins at the moment in Fjord are more suited to the larger size? You know how the really large grained skin can look weird on a smaller perhaps they decided to leave it for 35's only?

    Giant Cows? It's all those suppliments they're on.
  9. ^^ Ah, I guess that makes sense! Still, I think H just likes driving us nuts!! :p