gold eyeshadow recommendations?

  1. I'm looking for gold eyeshadow, any recommendations? I am looking for something more gold, not as brassy as bronze. Thanks!
  2. Chanel had an eye quad called "Gold Rush." I really like the gold in this one. It also includes a nice highlight color and a gorgeous apricot. All have gold undertones and sparkles. I think you can still get it on or maybe eBay
  3. NARS Cream Eye Shadow Duo in shade Summertime. Mix both colors to get a lovely sultry shade of gold.

    Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Honey or their regular eyeshadow in Eldorado.
  4. I have several, as it looks great on blondes. Smashbox trio in On Stage is a pretty gold shade. If you want a bit lighter try Nars Windstar. Those are both powder. I prefer creme and love Nars Savage, though it is more toward bronze.
  5. MAC Gold Mode pigment
    or Melon, it's slightly peachier than ^ which is more tan-gold
    Chanel Ombre Essentielle eyeshadow in Gold or Candide
  6. MAC has several gold shadows. my faves are Goldmine (an intense gold) and Woodwinked which is gorgeous but maybe too warm or dark.
  7. Mac and Bare escentuals make some good ones, can't think of the names offhand.
  8. The makeup line at Kohl's called FLIRT has an awesome gold shade, called Golden Lady is AWESOME! I believe it is also under $10.
  9. Nars has an el dorado as well. It's a cream gold shade, very pretty. Sephora has a good neutral gold cream shadow too.
  10. MAC

    its amazing! THE COLOR IS SO VIBRANT
  11. I second the MAC Goldmine! Great color, I use mine all the time.
  12. Thanks! Will check these out.
  13. Third it! One of my fave eyeshadows.
  14. Mmmm.. I have a Smashbox eyeshadow called Champagne.. but it might be a little on the lighter side. I like it though!
  15. i love mac's retrospeck. gold but not too much of it.