Gold Edith style bags at Mall of America

  1. Hi, the SA called me today, they have some different styles of Ediths , one is a hobo and the others are larger satchels. They are in Gold color.
    952-883-2121- designer handbags
  2. What store?
  3. Hi it's the Nordstrom at Mall of America..sorry:smile:
  4. Do you know the prices?
  5. No sorry, i was half asleep when they called, that's why I didn't put her name!
  6. Just called they have 2 hobos in gold. $890.
  7. Yeah, I looked at the Gold Edith hobo bags on Saturday. Nice...but the prices are still too high for me. I'm also worried that the metallic color rubs off like some people have said. :shrugs: