Gold Dino Charm

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  1. I don't know if this was posted elsewhere but Coach appears to be giving away some rare T-Rex fobs through their website.

    It also seems like it's only open to residents of the USA.

    Good luck if you enter the draw! It seems quite limited.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! As a bit of a dinosaur nut, one with the sapphire or ruby eyes would be amazing!!!
  3. Interesting. 14k ...... the first think that made me think of was LV, actually. They do charms of their locks, logos, etc, in 18k. I wonder if this is part of their march to "become the American LV". (Just quoting the title of that other thread/article.)
  4. Oh, how lovely of Coach to forget their other North American customers who don't have their own Web site to order from :rtr:
  5. Haha, I sympathize with you. To be fair though, Coach is an American company after all. It would make sense of them to take care of their own first.
  6. I agree they should have it available to people in north america I'm in canada and would have loved to enter and i see coach has partnered with some bloggers and gave them the bags for free i wonder how i could become a partner lol and get a free dinky bag with charms :lol:
  7. Oh yes, I can believe that.

    Exactly! They are more than happy to take our money esp. when we "get" to pay shipping (and duties) .. ;).
  8. Dino sighting. It's quite adorable in person. Whoever wins is a lucky person!

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  9. There are 75 of them either in a Dinky, or by registering online.
  10. Interesting thought but I think they'd have to do quite a bit more to be considered on LV's playing field:amuse:
  11. I was going to start a thread about this but you beat me to it, OP! :smile: It's a special charm; I entered for the heck of it - you never know! I love all of the charms, actually. I think it's a really fun idea for Coach to include surprise charms w/their Dinky bags - the adult version of a surprise in a cereal box or something...only you get to keep a gorgeous purse, too. :smile:
  12. It looks like Coach has removed the gold charm offering from their website. :sad:. That was fast!
    Sorry that I missed acting on this!! :/
  13. Ha ha! That picture is great! Thanks for posting it. I would love to win one of these!
  14. Mr. Dino seems to be making a mess of the Dinky page on! :lol:

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