Gold Chloe paddington

  1. I was wondering if chloe ever came out with their paddington bag in gold and if they did...which season was it?
  2. hi!yeah chloe did have a gold paddington in the classic satchel shape i think it was last season, not too sure. however the bag in the picture u sent does not seem to be genuine? try going to Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM to look at the gold shade, they have it in a small bowler style:smile:
  3. Yep agree a gold version was available, just after the special vegas silver came out, but the bag you have shown us in the picture is absolutely not one of them.
    100% fake bag! steer well clear of it
  4. I was just about to post a thread asking if anyone knows whether chloe came out with a gold paddington. I thought I saw one on pre-order at Amazon, in this GORGEOUS light gold color:

    ...but turns out it's Ivory. Is the gold paddy from last season this kind of gold...? ahhh, wondering where I can hunt it down...
  5. If I remember correctly it is a blingy metallic gold. I see a few auth ones on ebay every now and then
  6. Well the one you posted Fefe is fake, but Chloe did make a gold Paddington last season. It's amazing IRL! Here's pics of mine:

    Gold paddy 1WTMK.JPG
    Gold paddy 2WTMK.JPG
    Gold paddy 3WTMK.JPG

    It's the same color as the smaller bowler on Aloha Rag.
  7. oo...thank you pewter for posting ur beautiful gold paddington..i love it..haha