Gold Chanel

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm looking at the Gold Chanel purse on Let-trade (Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ ~). (I need to cheer myself up after not getting a LV Gold Miroir Papillon :p ). I just enquired about the price but haven't heard back yet.

    What was retail on this one? Does anyone have it? Is it really LE - or is that just a marketing ploy?

    Do any of the bags that are currently in production come in Gold?

    Edit: I tried to search for info on Gold Chanels, but I got 48038308 posts about Gold hardware!
  2. I was at the soho Chanel in NYC yesterday and saw a gold reissue - it was gorgeous! You should call the store tomorrow and see if you can get it!
  3. Emily-I e-mailed let-trade for a price two weeks ago-they told me the Chanels are a consignment item and would let me know the price as soon as it's decided. I haven't heard yet!
  4. Geez, that's not very good business, is it? :push:
  5. Any idea on price range?
  6. They were in the 2k range, Karen Kooper also had a few for sale on and they sold for 2k. I got an email from Let-Trade about these bags, the asking price is 3k each. I'm trying to get the silver one. Hope that helps.
  7. From


    So PRETTY!
  8. I saw the gold one the other day's GORGEOUS and so soft. :love:
  9. EmilyK, are u still after this gold reissue after you got the gold pap?
  10. ^^ She said she didn't get the Pap :yes:
  11. I did end up getting the Pap... this was posted after I lost one. But then I found another.

    And yeah... still thinking of a gold Chanel! This one is just beautiful. I'm really getting into gold lately for some reason.
  12. Haha. Wow. Well lucky you, then! :graucho:
    I really do love both the LV Miroirs and the Chanel gold/silver bags. They're so much prettier than a lot of the metallic bags I've seen that are just matte and the color chips off eventually lol.
  13. I love the reissue :nuts: