gold chains....

  1. Hello everyone, I am in search of some gold chains (necklaces). I am doing some research online but before I bought, I was thinking if anyone here sells for a living, hobby, etc... I would rather buy it from you and give you my business.

    I am looking for a good amount (50-100) for now.

    Can you please leave a post or PM me?

    Of if any of you have a personal jeweler you would like to recommend, I would love to know.

    Megs, Vlad, and Mods. I hope this isn't breaking the rules. I just rather give my business to someone here on the forum. If this does break the rules please remove this, and I appologize for the inconvenience.

    Thank you!
  2. Try Japster at She's a member here and has a homebased jewelry business.
  3. I know PF member Pippi makes jewelry, but I dont think she deals with gold. Just in case though, might want to ask her.
  4. I do, I'd be happy to help or atleast point you on in the direction of someone that can.
  5. I order my jewelry supplies from Rio Grande (you can request a catalog online - there is a $10 charge, but they give you a coupon for $10 off after your first order.) they are great, have a huge selection, and fast service. I love working with them!
  6. I didn't scroll down far enough before I posted. thanks for mentioning me!:biggrin:
  7. Pippi ~ I'd Love To See Your Work Sometime! :smile:
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