Gold chains in pochettes

  1. Does the gold chains go with every pochettes or do you have to buy those individually? If so, I can't find it anywhere on elux.
  2. You have to buy the Gold chain with the pochette accessories.
  3. Which gold chain? the one that everyone has been buying seperate or the one that comes on the mini pochettes?
  4. is that for sale? i know the straps are, didn't know about the chains.
  5. Yes, they are for sale. They are called accordeon chains. They are selling at $62 here in Singapore. It's about USD40.
  6. ^^^^

    i wish they'd sell these outright here, most SAs have no idea about them!!
  7. I'm confused. I recently purchased the Trunks & Bags pochette and the gold chain is a PART of the bag. Same with the Mono and the Riveting. But, all of those are called Accessories Pochettes. Is there a different pochette that you're wondering about?
  8. the the gold chain come with the mini pochettes accessories, but doesnt come with the regular size pochettes.

    is this the gold chain youre talking about? or these? these are sold separate.
  9. Yes, the Accordeon gold chain has clips on both ends of the chain, so it's removable. Some tPFers have been able to purchase the Accordeon chain separately via their SAs even though the chain is meant for the Accordeon wallet (which does come with the chain). I was able to purchase the chain from my SA for $30 USD, but some tPFers have bought the chain anywhere from $20 USD to up to $60 USD, I believe. Some SAs will NOT sell the Accordeon chain separately unless you actually own the Accordeon wallet.

    The mini pochette's chain only has a clip on one side and the other side is directly attached to the mini pochette.
  10. Thank you peace43. Now I know one more thing about LV:tup:!
  11. Regular pochettes do not have a gold chain. Mini pochettes come attached to the mini but have a single clip on the other side of the chain.

    Accordeon chain has clips on both sides and comes with the Accordeon wallet. But tPFers have been able to purchase a separate Accordeon chain from SAs which technically should only be sold separately as a repair item if you already own the Accordeon wallet. But alot of tPFers don't own the Accordeon wallet and the purchase of the chain depends on how strict or not the SA is that you approach.
  12. Thanks for the info! I've been wondering about this. So does it mean that the accordeon chain is the only chain that can be taken on and off separately? The pochette chain it not removable right since it is attached to the mini pochette?
  13. Yes, I believe so that the mini pochette's chain can't be removed unless you intentionally bend the jump ring to unattach it from the mini pochette.

    The Accordeon gold chain has clips on both ends, so is easily removable. I don't think there is any other chain like the Accordeon with two clips although I've seen the Accordeon chain in a silver version with a black Accordeon wallet - different material but I don't remember what it's called... maybe Taiga? Not familar with some of the other materials used by LV.
  14. ^^ Thanks for the helpful info. I personally prefer gold to silver anyway. ;)