Gold Chains??? Grrrr

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  1. When do you think they will get any in? I want a strap and a chain for my MAM but I don't want to order seperately because of the shipping. I emailed RM about a month ago and they said soon. Have they ever sold out before and does anyone know how long it takes them to re-supply? I am afraid they won't have the Evergreen strap by the time the chain comes in.
  2. ^^you should go ahead and order the strap!

    If you have to wait till later, you could get an emerald strap in FALL.
  3. I know but that would be twice the shipping and I was told by RM you could order a strap and chains for one shipping price of 10.00. I'd hate to pay 20.00.
    Plus, the chain is what I really want while the strap would be used occasionally.
  4. LEXI- They do not discount you shipping if you order multiple items. At least they didn't with me. I think I've told this story about a hundred times now but when I went to buy two staps they doubled shipping on me. Instead of $10 they charged me $20.

    I don't know if they will do that with a little chain to but my guess is YES! The chain will probably be a bit less (should be anyway) but I don't think it will matter when you order it b/c you'll be paying the same for shipping regardless.
    I *think* this is some kind of glitch that needs to be worked out.

  5. I asked Catalina about chains a while ago and heard that they would be in soon. I ended up finding one at Rok and Lola with free shipping, but I think they're out of stock now. If I see any, I'll PM you with the info. :yes:
  6. That's crazy. I was told by RM that I could buy as many straps and chains for one shipping price of 10.00. Wish they's keep their story straight. I'll make sure I check into it. I'll give the chains some more time before I get a strap. 20.00 bucks for a strap and a chain that should be around 6-7 bucks is robbery.
  7. Yea Lexie, Catalina told me the same, that they could NOT combine shipping. i would up having to pay $40 in shipping for two bags, which will probably wind up shipping together in the same box anyways. And i'm in GA, not even overseas or anything. Thats OUTRAGEOUS.