Gold Carly $4000

  1. Just saw a photo of a Gold Carly for $4000. It was in Philadelphia Style Magazine (think that's the name - was at hairdresser).
  2. oh can u scan the pics? What exactly is gold? Is the hardware really gold is that why it's so pricy?
  3. would LOVE to see pics
  4. The entire bag was gold colored. It almost looked like python scales (or mesh type). Everything was gold colored. Turnlocks, straps, etc. Dummy me forgot I had a camera phone with me! I looked at the magazine website & couldn't find it...
  5. Oh man, I'd love to see that pic.
  6. That bag was in the catalogue a couple releases ago. It was the python Carly. If you still have the original catalogue that the Carly's came out in, look in there. :smile:
  7. Oh yeah....the python was in one of the fairly recent of the legacy ones I think.....
  8. That better be Gold gold!!!:nuts:
  9. ^^LOL^^!:lol:
  10. i saw it in the madison avenue coach store in nyc!!!! it really is gold... well it looks like it was sprayed with gold paint, and it is python... not bad! they also had a gold python zoe clutch for 2000
  11. no wonder so expensive, python. how exotic
  12. Wah no python can be sold in CA!
  13. Wonder why?
  14. Yea I always wondered why python could not be sold in CA:shrugs:
  15. Exotic skins law maybe? Anyone have pic to post of this luscious sounding bag? I don't have any catalogs to refer to.