Gold Cabas - Your thoughts


Sep 29, 2006
I went into Chanel Hong Kong today and caught a glimpse of the gold cabas that is coming out (and I think also in silver?)'s huge!

I suspect it is the same size as the original large vinyl. It also has diamond stitching on the bottom like the baby cabas but the 'diamonds' seems smaller....anyway, I personally DO NOT like it and am so glad to have purchased a baby cabas in black...

Anyone else seen it or have pics?
I saw the "sporty" silver cabas (size wise is like the original cabas) last Fri at SCP chanel. That bag is ugly! The baby cabas is A LOT better!

Agree! The material just looked flimpsy and I dont think it was leather (correct me if I'm wrong)...

nerdphanie: was definitely disappointed...but it made me feel so glad that I had purchased a baby cabas!