Gold Cabas - Your thoughts

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  1. I went into Chanel Hong Kong today and caught a glimpse of the gold cabas that is coming out (and I think also in silver?)'s huge!

    I suspect it is the same size as the original large vinyl. It also has diamond stitching on the bottom like the baby cabas but the 'diamonds' seems smaller....anyway, I personally DO NOT like it and am so glad to have purchased a baby cabas in black...

    Anyone else seen it or have pics?
  2. Whooooooa no I haven't seen it but it sounds like it has potential! You were disappointed though? I'll probably be done with the cabas line after I get my baby khaki.
  3. I saw the "sporty" silver cabas (size wise is like the original cabas) last Fri at SCP chanel. That bag is ugly! The baby cabas is A LOT better!
  4. Agree! The material just looked flimpsy and I dont think it was leather (correct me if I'm wrong)...

    nerdphanie: was definitely disappointed...but it made me feel so glad that I had purchased a baby cabas!
  5. no haven't seen it yet, but my sa said they were getting gold and silver at ala moana chanel.
  6. Neiman Marcus has already gotten theirs in.
  7. COOL~ I really want to see what it looks like... please post a pic if anyone have a pic of the gold or silver cabas!!! Thanks!
  8. Do post pics someone! I personally love metallics so I am really anxious to see these!
  9. yeah i'm interested in seeing what it looks like too! doesn't sound promising though, from the descriptions?

  10. Has Neimans got silver or gold?? It sounds nice...
  11. Are they gold and silver cabas bags? I saw a gold luxury tote at Neimans this weekend, but it was definitely leather and not a cabas at all.
  12. Do they have the logo on the bag or not? I thought the baby cabas was coming out in silver, so is it also coming in a larger size in silver? :confused1: