Gold bracelet turned my wrist green. Return?

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  1. I bought a gold tennis bracelet. 3 carats for $3500. It ended up turning my wrist green. I read that there could be a lot of copper in it. Should I try to return it? I've never had gold jewelry do this before. I unfortunately removed the tags but I feel like the store should take bad merchandise back or at least offer a credit.
  2. As long as you still have your receipt, there shouldn't be a problem returning it.
  3. That's what I'm hoping! I still have the receipts and tags. I'm guessing it's cheaply made.
  4. The higher the carat the less copper/nickel in it, you should be fine usually if it's 18kt or over. I would take it back as that certainly should not happen when you are spending that sort of money. It's sounds as though it's either a low karat or it's fake gold

  5. I'd take it back if you can. The other metals in the gold alloy are having a chemical reaction with your skin.

    Here is a link to gold alloys and their composition

    Personally I adore pink gold but a lot of the older coloured gold jewellery that I love marks my skin green too.

    Good luck!
  6. That happens to me but only with gold plated items not with 18 carat gold
  7. Me too. Only with gold plated jewelries.
  8. I too love antique gold, and adore rose gold but I have never encountered this problem of it marking my skin, I have 2 rose gold, heavy chain, bracelets from the late 1800's and these don't leave anything on me, I'm always interested in how our skin can affect pieces of metal and stone jewellery.

    Completely agree with your first point here regarding the other components affecting OP's skin.

  9. You bracelets sound yummy Millicat! You are reminding me how much I loved those older pieces. Might be time to revisit with a higher gold count, mine were 9kt.
  10. If there isn't already a Rose Gold thread maybe there should be - somewhere for members to show and discuss their rose gold pieces.
  11. Quite awhile ago I started a thread on Rose Gold, I can't seem to find it though.
    It's something that I also wanted to discuss.
    I do have a collection of several pieces but I'm still on the fence as to whether I really like it or not.
  12. I actually did a search earlier and couldn't find one so started one, i hope you don't mind :flowers::hugs:
  13. Thanks for the responses and info. I ended up returning it to Bloomingdales with no problem. Now time to start looking for a replacement. :smile:
  14. I would return it if I were you. I have never had 14k and up gold turn me green. I have only ever had issues with gold plated items. Sorry you had this happen.
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