Gold Bowler on NAP

  1. i was just wondering if anyone who has a metallic chloe bag could tell me if the metallic starts to wear off after a while and if it would be more sensible to get the tobacco paddington
    thanks x
  2. Hi hautecouture. There was certainly an issue with the very first season release of the metallic bags, but Chloe did offer a return option on these and rectified the problem. I have not heard of rubbing problems on these later bags, so I think you will be fine with a 2006 bag :smile:
  3. wooooo~ but the gold bowler is soooo cute!!!
    Wow, so Chloe offered a refund for the first season gold bags? I wonder if they'd offer that too at Chanel (My gold Chanel Lux Bowler started to wear-off big time within a month, but I still love the bag!)

    I got the Tabacco yesterday.. but hey! if the gold bowler is still available, maybe I'll get it too!!
  4. heee heee, oreocat, your paddy obsession is in full force at the moment :biggrin:

    Its such a great price, if you can afford it, go for it while its still on offer :smile:
  5. Chloe-babe, I know!!! I've bought way too many purses this past month alone!! 2 Fendi Spies, a Twiggy, a Tobacco Paddy, a Rosemary Darwin and a Gucci bamboo messenger/tote (which I got at the Gucci outlet for a GREAT price!!) And I'm seriously eyeing this babyspy and the gold paddy :drool:

    Yeah, my husband is about to cut up my credit cards as we speak.. HA!!
  6. There were problems with the first season metallic Chloe's having some metallic rub off. I know the anthracite had problems. I have a metallic gold paddy though and it has never had any rub off or flaking at all. It's also such an amazing Chloe color IMO! :heart: :love: I definitely recommend getting the gold bowler if you can!
  7. Does anyone have any additional photos of this bag? I'm considering buying it...but I'd love a better idea of the colour! :flowers:
  8. OH no!! I just went on" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter to check out the gold bowler. I said to myself "if it's sold out then it's never meant to be.." And guess what??? It's still there and I bought it!! Oh yay... my 2nd Paddy this week!!! :yahoo:
    Angora: I'll post some pics for ya when I get it in 2/3 days~ Hope it's not too late by then :yes:
  9. Congrats oreocat!

    To buy or not to buy...the decision is tormenting me! I will decide by tonight if I should get it...I think I might even like it more than the tobacco, which I regret not buying :smile:

    Looking forward to seeing pics! :biggrin:
  10. :love: Well, I bought it!:love: Hope it's nice, otherwise it will be going straight back!!
  11. I think there are about 14 left...
  12. Does it cost anything to send it back? :confused1:
  13. No, returns are free :smile:

    From NAP: For returns and exchanges requested within 7 days of delivery we offer a free returns service via our international couriers DHL (our same day courier service for London Premier customers).
  14. Hi girls ;)
    I'm new here.
    I'm french and hope that you will apologize my very bad english.
    Can you confirm me that NAP accept to send money back in case of return, even if it was bought with - 50 % ?
    Will they re-credit the credit card ?
    Thanks by advance !
  15. gaufettebis, yes, it is my understanding that they do re-credit your credit card upon return. I have returned sale items in the past to NAP, and there haven't been any problems. Alternatively, you may request a credit note for spending at NAP, but of course it is better to get the refund back on your card :smile:

    You can also double-check the returns policy on their website. Hope that helps! :smile: