Gold Birkin

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  1. Hello everyone! I did a quick search through the forum but couldn't find a picture of a gold birkin.

    Would someone be kind enough to post a picture of a gold birkin so that I know what the color looks like?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Photo of my Gold Birkin 35
  3. Thanks chloess!!! it's beautiful
  4. ChloeSS - gorgeous bag! Can't wait for mine to come, if ever.

    Is yours a 35cm?
  5. Yes my one is 35, it is perfect for everyday use.
  6. Gorgeous, ChloeSS.
  7. thanks, its my first birkin~ I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
  8. Dreamy! and I have never been fond of bags in that shade, but I do love that one!!!

    I am sure it won't be your last Birkin.:biggrin:
  9. Beautiful bag ChloeSS. Love it! Can't wait til the day I can afford one;)
  10. I LURVE gold. Also, in the thread "start with Hermes" there are some more pics of gold Birkins. Victoria Beckham and Lil' Kim have a gold. As does SJP. It's my favorite neutral in a B!
  11. Photo of my 30cm gold Togo with gold hw :smile:
    DSCF0197 (Small).JPG
  12. Did you see the one with palladium hardware? How does the contrast look? I'm think whether I should change my order to gold hardware...
  13. I personally like it with palladium. I tried on a waitlisted gold/pall Birkin at Hermes and thought the combo was stunning.

    I meant to say STARS with Hermes, above!
  14. I think the gold color definetely needs gold hardware for its warmth. :smile:
  15. Does it cost more with the gold h/w?