Gold Birkin with Pallidium or Gold Hardware?

  1. Hi, I'm offered a Gold birkin with Pallidium HW. I cant decide if I should take it or wait for a Gold with Gold HW. Which is better for daily use and more of a classic? Hope to get some advice. TIA.
  2. I love gold with gold for a dressier classic look and gold with palladium for a modern more casual look. Which look are you going for?
  3. I personally prefer palladium hardware on almost every bag, gold being no exception. It really depends on the color of the metals you wear most often, at least in my opinion. Since nearly all my jewelry is platinum, white gold, or silver, palladium works best for me.

    The easiest way to figure out which works best for you might be to remove all the jewelry & watch that you normally wear, and decide which HW color would work best with it!

    Lucky girl, I have been waiting on a gold Birkin with PHW for a while.
  4. Thanks both for your replies. I agree the gold on gold is dressier. But my jewelry and watch are mostly white gold too so palladium does match better. I think I'll just get it. Its so hard to get a gold birkin I dont want to let this slip.
  5. You will not regret your choice! Gold is gorgeous with both gold and palladium.
  6. Totally agree! :smile: Congrats!
  7. I agree completely! You won't regret your PHW choice! :tup: (with experience, I do regret one of my bags with gold HW...:crybaby:)
  8. Congratulations! What a choice -- it's win/win. I love both. I picked gold/gold when I ordered mine, but mainly because I already had a bag with palladium.
  9. I have a gold birkin with palladium hardware. At first I wished that the hardware was also gold, but beggars can't be choosers when it comes to birkins so I took it anyway. Now that I've been wearing my bag, I absolutely love it (and dare I say, prefer it!) with PHW. As Rockerchic said, it's more a modern casual look, and it totally stands out.

    Besides, I'll save the GHW for my future black birkin :graucho:
  10. I would defo take the bag, gold and pall is a combo I would really like, my jewellery is plat, white gold and silver so works well. You will love the bag regardless - gold is good and pall is good!x
  11. Personally, I prefer gold with GH just because the GH really brings out the warmth in gold leather. BTW, did I miss it or what leather are we talking about? It does make a bit of a difference.

    But, I will add that though my preference is gold with GH, gold with PH has a beautiful look all on its own.

    GL with your decision!
  12. Oh my Yes! Congratulations!!!
  13. I think gold looks gorgeous with either hardwear. I wouldn't hesitate getting palladium with gold.
  14. Thanks again for all your advice. I've decided to get this and save the gold hw for a future black birkin. I'm buying this birkin from a friend who has hardly used hers. Its 2 yrs old, in a good condition, although i noticed some small discoloration on the pallidium lock which cant seem to be cleaned off with a cloth. I'm wondering what is the right price to pay. Can i get some indication what does a new 30 gold birkin with pallidum hw cost?
  15. ^I believe it's around $7400 now