Gold Birkin with GHW or SHW?

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  1. Hello ladies - I'm indecisive as to which hardware to get on a Gold Birkin, SHW or GHW. I think GHW looks more elegant but I also like the SHW/PHW, too. Most of the jewelry I wear is white gold. I don't mine mixing metals and I understand that it's a personal preference. I have black and etoupe with GHW so one of my gf said to get a SHW on another neutral bag. Thoughts???

  2. I have a gold Kelly PHW and although the GHW does add elegance to the bag, the PHW complements the gold leather color and allows it to shine on its own, IMO. I like that the PHW makes my Kelly very versatile to wear from day to night.

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  3. I prefer gold with GHW. SHW does the make the bag more casual looking.
  4. I prefer gold with ghw BUT since you already have two bags with ghw, I think PHW is next for you. Also, the PHW really compliments the white stitching in a cool, fabulous way. There are no mistakes here---good luck.
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  5. Gold
  6. Gold.
  7. Ghw. I actually own a B30 in gold ghw and it looks perfect.
  8. If I have the choice between gold and phw, I will always go for Ghw even though some of my jewelleries are set with white gold or platinum. I just feel Ghw is warmer and classy. All my H leather and enamel bracelets are with Ghw except H silver jewelry.

    My vote is Gold B with GHW. I can imagine it must be so stately. Best of luck deciding and do let us know your decision
  9. I prefer ghw over shw too. I don't own gold bag but I've seen pics and I still like ghw more. My first bag was shw but after looking at so many h bags I fell in love with ghw. I would choose gold on gold.
  10. Here is are Palladium HW pics. I would have said GHW but then I saw these.
    I think it's a very sharp, modern look!

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  11. Phw
    I like it compliment with the white stitching
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  12. Gold ghw for me. I have it and love it beyond words....

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  13. Love these pics of yours, IF. I am with you on this, I would go with GHW.
  14. Gold. Is so elegant
  15. Gorgeous photos IF!!
    We are bag twins and I agree/ GHW.
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