Gold BBAg???

  1. Just wondering, is that even a bbag ( i mean the moto one) in GOLD? or is it just the replicas?? :push:
  2. There was a gold city bag produced, think it was a limited edition, maybe in the UK. Decophile (I think it is her!) has one. Look through the modeling pics...
  3. there is a bronze metallic for sure...
  4. I believe that Decophile's limited edition from the UK was actually a Part Time.
  5. quite a few bags came in the metallic colour - I have a metallic pink
  6. OOOps - SEE BELOW!
  7. The only GOLD B-Bag was a special edition from Selfridges for the 2006 Holiday season ONLY! They are extremely rare, and I think Decophile is the only PF member that has one (we all allowed to LUST after it!!).

    On occasion, Balenciaga strikes up a deal with one of the bigger retailers of their goods (they have done the same with Barneys in the past).

    As far as other metallics:

    1) 2004/2005 Holiday Collection had:

    • Magenta Metallic
    • Rouge/Red Metallic
    • Orange Metallic
    • Pewter (a light grey version)
    2) 2005 Metallics collection had:
    • Pink/Rose Metallic
    • Beige/Silver Metallic
    • Bronze Metallic
    • Pewter (a much darker version than the '04/05)
  8. Wow didn't know this!