Gold Ballerinas?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Hi ladies! I just bought these ballerinas today and am totally in love but gold still "in"?

  2. I love these shoes. I bought them last week in white, got them home and as lovely as they were they were too white. So I exchanged them for a pair of suede heels, then my son ate the receipt......

    Anyway, I think they're gorgeous and I think gold is in.
  3. ^^^ Love them too! I can't seem to stay away from the degas. This is now my 5th lol. I've been wanting this gold pair since summer last year and finally found one today. Then I started to wonder if it's now "old"... your son eating your receipt is hilarious!
  4. On topic of gold shoes, I think harsh "bling" gold and metallics are out, but these are such a nice understated gold that they're good to go.

    They look lovely.

    You scare me... :lol:
  5. Cal at least he didn't eat the shoe,hmm?;)

    Hmm..metallics are still everywhere. If you want gold shoes then I think that those are interesting. I have never bought anything more daring than bronze Choo Momo flats:amuse: .
  6. no, i think this kind of gold is so gorgeous, IN!!!
    love tod's flats anyway!
  7. That gold is still definetly in! I absolutely love love love them!!
  8. Yes! Love mine - I have a pr. by Hollywould...and my 22 yr. old niece wanted to bring on her trip to Italy and I said sure, but if she ruined them she would have to replace them! Needless to say she's looking for a less expensive pr! I love the gold and silver shoes...
  9. i love that gold!
  10. Yay! Thanks everyone! I'm going to wear them today;)
  11. Love the Tods, and I also think that understated gold/metallics for shoes are still in!
  12. I love a pic of them on your feet!!
  13. those are gorgeous! i have the gold ballet flats from target from 1 year ago and i still wear them a ton. but they're not really understated lol! they're just comfy and so easy to wear.
  14. WOW those are so pretty....and look comfortable too! congrats! I think gold in moderation is always in (esp in shoes!)...and amazingly it matches with almost everything too... GREAT choice
  15. I loooove gold flats! I have a pair myself!
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