Gold and Silver Metallics, * PICS *

  1. My SA just sent me these photos. Please call Lisa Hamlin at NM (248) 635-8442 if you are interested in adding one of these beauty to your collection!

    First, Gold Metallic, small, $2425.


  2. one more:
  3. Here is the silver metallic, medium, $2,695.

  4. wow I love the silver metallic!!.sorry if this is a stupid question but is the size of the medium the same as a jumbo classic?
  5. no, the medium is almost the same size as the medium classic, the jumbo size is simillar to 227 which now called by 32cm bag. the silver here is the 226 or 28 cm or the medium.

  6. Thanks!!!
  7. I'm confused.....I just got the Silver Reissue and I was told that it is the small size. Price was $2250. The size is 5" (H) x 7.9" (L) x 2.9" (D).

    The medium I was told is for $2425. The size is 5.9" (H) x 9.4" (L) x 2.9" (D).
  8. I'm a little confused not too..what size is the 228 then if the 227 is the size of the jumbo?
  9. 228 is the extra large I think.
    It is bigger than jumbo size
  10. Thanks for the pics! :tup:
  11. Thanks for the pics and info Savannah! :tup: :heart: I just tried these beauties on today at my NM! :nuts: The gold is beautiful... not nearly as yellow gold and blingy as the previous metallic gold... I can't wait to get my 226! :love: The silver is gorgeous too!! :love: IMO it's similar to dark silver from '07 but without the bronzey rose undertone... still too similar to my dark silver for me to own hehe, but gorgeous nonetheless!! :girlsigh:
  12. thanks for posting them!
  13. fiery, so the gold is a lot different than last year's gold? I kinda wanted the blingy gold but missed it last year. Even though it's not as gold, can you still tell it's a gold gold? KWIM? Or is it a really pale? TIA!
  14. I have not seen these colors IRL. The dark silver looks alot less bronzy than the old dark silver. Just wondering those of you who have seen these bags, do you prefer the new dark silver or the old one?

  15. hi there! I think you got the smallest which is also called the baby according to he dimentions and price:yes:

    here are the sizes and new dimentions:

    baby =20cm (new 224)

    small=24cm (new 225)

    medium=28cm (new 226)

    large=32cm (new 227)

    X/L = 36cm (new 228)