Gold and potiron too similar?

  1. Ok, I have a gold 35 cm togo Birkin AND a 35 potiron Clemence Kelly. Are they too similar? The potiron is definitely quite orange and the Birkin has so much more brown but they are the same size and I hope they arent too similar. I asked DH and of course he said "Are you crazy? they are two completely different shades and completely different style bags, do you need glasses?" But he's probably trying to avoid further madness. Here is a pic. madness..When does it end? lol.
  2. i agree with your husband.
    they are totally different even if they both are 35cm.
  3. hmmm, to be honest, i feel that it is quite the same. Since they are part of somewhat the same mixes of colors in the color wheel. For me there are so many lovely colors in hermes that to restrict yourself to one part of the color wheel would be sad. I hope you understand what i mean. :heart::flowers:
  4. I think they are totally different. Although both are warm tones, the potiron is definitely a color, and the gold is a neutral. But potiron is a subtle color, so it can function as a neutral as well. I think I would have more problems if you had say, a gold bag and a noisette bag, or, gris tourterelle and etoupe...
  5. Totally different imo.
  6. Thank you for your honest opinions. I really appreciate it. I feel like the gold is very neutral and the potiron seems to be more of a color. It definitely has a lot of PUNCH to it; but Im still interested in hearing other people's opinions.
  7. I think they're completely different. While potiron looks great on me, I look downright awful with gold.
  8. Totally different, IMO.
    I think I know what it is though: the second one has finally scored a new bag, one starts obsessing about the next one! :lol:
  9. They are both gorgeous and they are different enough - a different colour and a different style. If your taste is for warm nuetral colours then this will be the range you are drawn to. There are plenty of members here who have for example several black bags, some the same size and style in black but a different leather.

    I am very drawn towards the light browns and tans so I am in a similar position to you - I have two gold bags, one noisette, a biscuit and a gris tourterelle and I'm hoping to add an etoupe to round off my neutrals, lol.

    I do sometimes wonder are my bags too similar but on the other hand, I know what I like and I use these bags regularly - they go with everything (mostly black clothes) so I accept that these are the colours for me.

    Even my leather accessories tend to be neutral browns/greys; with one plunge into raisin for an agenda, my first foray into colour.

    Here are most of the family:

  10. Different. And even if they were the same the bags are not the same. Lots of people have several black bags ... But anyway, I see gold as being in the brown family and potiron in the orange family.
  11. Totally different! Both beautiful but totally different...
  12. Allaboutnice, your bags are gorgeous!!


    Im totally drawn to those bags! :drool:
  13. Totally different colors! Potiron is a subtle kick of color and Gold is a neutral. Your next bag should be a cool color: raisin? BJ? BB? I'm assuming you have a great black bag.
  14. I'd love a blue jean, or any blue color! Chartreause would be nice too. Yes I have a black box Kelly and Constance. Also I have plenty of black Chanel classic flaps.
  15. Like AAN, I am incredibly drawn to tans, golds, and browns. I'm an earthtones gal! I wear them with black too... it tends to match my hair.

    The real question is, Why do you care? :graucho:

    Simply curiousity or are you considering replacing what you feel might be a near-repeat?